Why New Windows are the Best Investment for Your Home

Chances are it’s been some time since you’ve taken a second look at the windows in your Orange County home. Trust us, we get it! Life gets busy and there a million other things demanding your attention. If you’re like most homeowners, the thought of purchasing new windows doesn’t come to mind unless a glass shatters or a frame is beyond repair. However, with so many benefits that come as a straight result from purchasing new windows, you may find that this home improvement project is exactly what your house needs. Let’s take a look at why new windows are such a worthwhile investment for your home and family.

#1 Save Money

Whoever first said that age-old saying “you have to spend money to make money” might have been talking about their windows. There are countless ways that your windows can save household money, starting with those monthly energy bills. By switching and purchasing new, energy efficient windows, you can save hundreds a year on those rising energy costs. You’ll also find yourself saving even more money in areas like repairs and upkeep costs. New windows even have the potential to help you earn more money with window materials like vinyl that actually increase the resale value of your home. If you’re working with a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out either. There are a number of economical frames that come with real money saving potential.

#2 Save Time

Time is the one thing there never seems to be enough of! When you finally get a day off to yourself, do you really want to spend it peeling, sanding, painting or staining your old windows? By switching to a low maintenance window material like vinyl or fiberglass that requires minimal upkeep, you can finally get those weekend hours back!

#3 Keep Your Family Safe

Your family and home are your top priorities, which means your windows should be just as important. After all, your windows are one of the easiest access points for outside threats to enter your home. If you’re living with outdated security hardware, you’re leaving your household vulnerable to many different dangers. Sleep soundly and keep everyone safe by purchasing new windows with up to date security measures you can rely on.

These are just some of the many ways new windows can benefit your home without causing you to make a lofty investment. If you would like to learn more about how new windows can improve your daily life, we suggest speaking with a windows expert at Pacific Shores Windows & Doors. Our experts will sit down with you to answer any question you may have while introducing you to some of the best window frames on the market. To speak with an expert today give us a call at 714-841-2228 or stop by our showroom floor located at 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708. We look forward to assisting you!

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The Best Windows to Protect Your Home

The windows in your Orange County home play a number of roles in your household including how energy efficient it is, how much maintenance it requires, and how much needs to be spent on upkeep. However, one of the most important roles your windows play is protecting your family and belongings. Your windows are one of the easiest access points for outside threats, and if they aren’t up to the job, they could be leaving your home vulnerable to break ins and outside dangers. The best solution is to choose a window model that offer you superior protection. Here we will be discussing some important features to look for while shopping for secure windows.

Windows with Up to Date Security Features

Many homeowners love the elegant and classic look of traditional windows. Unfortunately, the older the window, the easier they are to break into, particularly with windows featuring easy-to-maneuver latches. Look for more modern models that offer state-of-the-art security hardware to help protect you and your family.

Windows with Solid Weather Resistance

Some window models have a tendency to hold on to excess moisture resulting in molding, rotting and warping of the frame. Even if you don’t notice this damage right away, the frame will be considerably weaker, meaning it will not hold up as well against intense weather or outside dangers. By switching to a window material like vinyl, your frames won’t hold extra moisture, making them a more durable and secure option.

Windows with Double or Triple Paned

If you currently have a more traditional window installed in your home, chances are the window features single paned glass. Single paned glass is not only too thin to properly insulate your home, but it’s also incredibly easy to break, making it a poor choice in terms of security. To increase your home’s protection, try switching to a window model with a double- or triple-paned glass that will deter outside threats and remain durable during intense weather conditions.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your family and belongings, then investing in new windows is a valuable first step to take. Every year hundreds of break-and-enters occur, many that could have been avoided with the right security equipment. At Pacific Shore Windows and Doors, the safety of your family and your belongings are our top priority, which is why we take the time to answer all of your questions while introducing you to our top-of-the-line window selection. Our team will even provide you with a free, no pressure at-home consultation to help lay out the details of your next project. When you’re ready to create a more secure home for your family give us a call at (630) 960-4300 or visit us in person at 223 N Cass Ave Westmont, IL 60559, so we can further discuss your plans. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all of your window needs.

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Questions to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Windows

While shopping for replacement windows for your Orange County home, it’s important to keep specific factors in mind to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Whether you are replacing your windows due to damage or simply to update the style of your home, chances are there are some elements of your original windows that you could do without. Here we will provide you with some helpful questions to ask yourself during the buying process to ensure your new windows are an improvement from the originals.

  1. What did I dislike about my original windows?

The best way to ensure your replacement windows are an improvement from the original is to steer away from any of the issues you experienced in the past. For example, if your original windows required annual peeling, sanding, staining and painting to maintain their quality look, you may want to shop for windows that don’t require as much maintenance or upkeep. If your current windows often developed drafts or did a poor job of insulation your home, than it may be wise to purchase replacement windows with strong energy efficient capabilities.

  1. What are my goals for my new windows?

While it may seem odd to have goals for your windows, they actually play a greater role in your home than you make think. Ask yourself what you would like your new windows to do for you. Perhaps you would like them to provide more light of ventilation? Or maybe you are looking for a model that can help you reduce your monthly energy bill or increase your homes resale value? All of these goals can be completed by the right type of window style and material. The clearer you are about your expectation of your windows, the easier it would be to find a model that fits those expectations.

  1. What am I willing to invest in my replacement windows?

How much money are you willing to spend on your new windows? What about the amount of time you are willing to give? Every window material varies with the amount of repairs, upkeep, and maintenance it requires. By knowing ahead of time what you’re willing to invest in your dream windows, you can ensure you won’t be stuck with paying more money or spending more time than you anticipated.

If you’re having trouble with answering some of the questions listed above, you may benefit from speaking with a Pacific Shores Windows & Doors team member. Our team can help you identify your homes specific needs and find the perfect window model to fulfill those needs.  One of our experts can even visit your home to provide you with a free in home consultation. For details, you can check Orange County, CA replacement windows.

If you would like to speak with a team member today, or schedule a free consultation, simply  give us a call at (630) 960-4300 or visit our showroom floor located at 223 N Cass Ave Westmont, IL 60559. Our team is looking forward to assisting you.

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The Best Kind of Home for Vinyl Windows

If you have been searching for the right window material for your Orange County home, chances are you have come across vinyl windows as one of your many options. Vinyl windows were introduced in the early 1970’s as a more affordable alternative to other window materials on the market. Since then the material has soared to become the most widely-purchased material in the country. While the material may have won the hearts of Americans, this doesn’t necessarily mean vinyl windows are the right choice for every home. Some homes will benefit more from purchasing vinyl windows than others. Read on to learn whether or not vinyl windows are the right fit for your home.

Homes with Wooden Windows

If you are looking to replace your current wooden windows with a new material, vinyl windows could be the solution to many window issues you may have experienced in the past. For example, wooden windows typically require that homeowners peel, sand, paint and stain their windows to keep them looking like new, while vinyl windows only require the occasional washing with soap and water. Wooden windows are also known for holding excess moisture, resulting in weather damage and leading to drafts. Vinyl windows are weather resistant, increasing the energy efficiency of your home while reducing your monthly energy bills.

Homes with Single-Paned Windows

If your home currently features single-paned glass, then vinyl windows may be a worthwhile replacement for your home.  Single-pane glass windows are far too thin to properly insulate your home, allowing a great deal of your heating and air conditioning to escape through the glass. Single-paned glass is also too thin to block out exterior noise, which could be a hassle for homes near construction sites or high traffic zones. Vinyl windows come with either double- or triple-paned glass, drastically improving the energy efficiency and noise control in your home.

Homes Working with a Budget

New windows can be a pricey investment for some homeowners. Fortunately, vinyl windows have managed to hold on to their low price tag throughout the years, to continue to be the most economical option on the market. By purchasing vinyl windows, homeowners working with a tight budget won’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability, you can still pay a reasonable price and reap the many benefits vinyl windows have to offer.

If you feel that your home could benefit from having vinyl windows installed, or you would like to learn more about vinyl windows, we suggest speaking with a Pacific Shores Windows & Doors team member. Our highly teamed staff can answer any questions you may have regarding vinyl windows and even provide you with a free in home consultation. To schedule your free consultation today, give us a call at (714) 841-2228 or visit us at our showroom floor located at 10574 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708. We look forward to assisting you with all of your vinyl window needs.

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