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How Can Replacement Windows Benefit My Home This Winter?

One of the best parts about living in Irvine, CA is that it doesn’t get very cold throughout the course of the year. For the most part, you’ll enjoy temperatures that sit in the 70s and 80s during the day almost all year round. But during the wintertime, the temps can drop down into the 50s and even the 40s on some cold nights. It’s why it might not be a bad idea for you to install replacement windows in Irvine, CA before this winter begins.  

There are lots of benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you have replacement windows put into your home prior to the start of winter in December. Here are some of the biggest benefits of installing windows in your home this fall.  

Prevents your home from becoming uncomfortably cold 

As we mentioned, you won’t have to worry about your home getting too cold on most days throughout the winter. Even in December, January, and February, the temperature will climb above 70 degrees on a pretty regular basis. But in the event that you have days and nights where the mercury drops substantially, your home’s Irvine, CA new windows will prevent cold air from leaking into your home. Leaks might happen if you’re still relying on older windows to insulate your home from the world.  

Keeps your energy bills low 

When cold air seeps into your home in the winter, it won’t just make it uncomfortable. It’ll also end up costing you money in all likelihood. When the temperature inside your home comes down, your HVAC system will spring into action to heat it back up. If your HVAC system only has to turn on once or twice a week to do this, you might not notice much of a jump in your energy bills. But if it’s constantly turning on and off all winter long, you could pay more than you’re expecting in energy costs. New windows will prevent this from happening and save you a lot of money.  

Improves the overall look and feel of the inside and outside of your home 

In addition to helping you control the temperature inside your home more effectively, new windows will also look great both inside and out. Inside, your home will feel more modern and updated when you have replacement windows installed. Outside, your curb appeal will get a big boost from window improvements. Your home won’t look the same at all when you have your windows replaced. And because of it, you might even experience a jump in your property value.  

Would you like to replace your windows before the winter rolls around this year? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can lend a hand and supply you with the best windows in the business. We carry Irvine, CA vinyl windows as well as aluminum windows, wood windows, and more. Give us a call at (714) 841-2228 today to set up a free in-home consultation or come meet with us at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

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Do All Manufacturers Offer the Same Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Just about all of the vinyl window frames on the market today contain some level of polyvinyl chloride, which is commonly called PVC. This material provides those who have vinyl windows in their homes with lots of advantages. The No. 1 advantage is that PVC doesn’t need to be maintained much at all. It’s why so many people choose vinyl windows when installing replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA.  

One of the things that you might not know, though, is that all vinyl windows are not created equal. While most contain PVC, each window manufacturer creates their vinyl windows a little bit differently. As a result, you shouldn’t expect the vinyl windows from one window company to be exactly the same as the next company’s windows. You also shouldn’t just buy whichever vinyl windows are the most affordable if you want to make sure you get the right windows for your specific home.  

The vinyl frames that are used to create Huntington Beach, CA vinyl windows contain a compound that is 100 percent unique to the company creating the windows. Some window manufacturers will use a little more of this or a little less of that when manufacturing their windows, which will produce a different kind of vinyl window than the next company. There are some companies that go to great lengths to create long-lasting windows and others that don’t put as much time into creating the perfect formulas for their windows.  

One of the ingredients that you’ll find in some vinyl windows but not others is called titanium dioxide. This material can be used to make vinyl window frames more heat resistant than they would be otherwise. Vinyl windows with titanium dioxide in them will look just like other vinyl windows. But they will perform better. There are also materials that can be injected into vinyl windows to make them more resistant to things like the weather and impacts.  

If you’re thinking about adding new vinyl windows to your home right now and unsure of which vinyl windows would work best for you, don’t be afraid to ask companies what sets their windows apart. They should be able to explain, in detail, the ingredients in their windows that give them a definitive advantage over other windows. They should talk to you about what makes their vinyl windows so strong and insulated, if that is, in fact, the case. If they leave those kinds of things out, they might not be making the kind of high-quality windows you need for your home.  

A Huntington Beach, CA window installation company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors stands behind the vinyl windows that we sell. We only work with trusted vinyl window manufacturers like Milgard that produce windows using the best materials. We would be happy to tell you all about what makes them different from other vinyl windows you might find. Reach out to us at (714) 841-2228 or come down to 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to check out some of our vinyl window options.

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try to Paint Old Vinyl Windows

“Can I paint my vinyl windows?” is a question that many homeowners often ask. They enjoy having vinyl windows in their homes, but they don’t like the current color of their vinyl windows or the condition they’re in. So they want to try painting their windows in Irvine, CA to bring them back to life.  

You can paint vinyl windows if you want. In some cases, those vinyl windows might even look good once you’re done painting them. But there are many reasons why you should replace vinyl windows altogether with new ones instead of going the painting route. Check out 3 reasons why you probably shouldn’t paint your old vinyl windows below.  

Paint doesn’t always look good when it’s placed on vinyl window frames. 

In order to paint Irvine, CA vinyl windows, you’ll need to clean them thoroughly, lightly sand them, and do other prep work to prepare them for paint. You’ll then need to paint your vinyl window frames with the color paint that you like best. In some cases, the paint will look perfectly fine once you’re all finished painting. But in many others, your paint won’t adhere to your windows well. This may cause the vinyl color to shine through the paint. It may also cause the paint to flake away quickly and leave your windows looking even worse than before. Either way, you’re likely not going to get the desired look when you paint your home’s vinyl windows.  

Paint might cause your window frames to warp. 

Are you thinking about going with a darker color paint for your home’s vinyl windows? This is just about the worst thing that you can do. When you paint vinyl window frames a dark color, they’ll attract more solar heat, which will make your windows hotter during the day. The heat can cause your vinyl window frames to warp and prevent you from being able to use them. It can also drag down the aesthetic appeal of your windows and force you to replace them later.  

Paint could potentially void your warranty. 

Many vinyl windows come with long warranties. Since vinyl is so durable, window companies feel comfortable extending long warranties to customers. But if you choose to paint your home’s vinyl windows, you might actually void your warranty. This will prevent you from being able to have free window repairs done in the event that something goes wrong with your windows in the future.  

If you aren’t in love with the look of your home’s vinyl windows anymore, why spend time painting them when it could do more harm than good? Install new windows in Irvine, CA instead. Whether you stick with vinyl windows or decide to go with another type of windows like aluminum or wood clad windows, Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can show you lots of different options and handle installation for you. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to hear about our window selection or come see it for yourself at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

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How to Obtain an Accurate Estimate for Replacement Windows

If you’re considering having Fountain Valley, CA replacement windows installed in your home, it’s a great idea to shop around first. There are lots of window manufacturers and window installers in California that can provide you with assistance. Obtaining accurate estimates for replacement windows is a good place to begin. It’ll allow you to compare window prices offered by different companies.  

There are many companies, like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, that will help you get your hands on an accurate estimate right online. Use these kinds of resources to make it easy to obtain estimates quickly. Here are some tips that will allow you to find the estimates you need in no time.  

Decide which type of replacement windows you want. 

Prior to shopping around for new windows in Fountain Valley, CA, you should take a look at the different types of windows to see what you like best. You can choose from vinyl windows, wood windows, wood clad windows, aluminum windows, and more. Each type of window comes with its own specific pros and cons. Learn about what sets them apart and settle on the one you like best. This will allow you to get a more accurate quote later.  

Figure out if there is a specific window manufacturer you prefer. 

In addition to deciding which type of window you want, you should also educate yourself about the top window manufacturers in the country. Companies like Milgard, Simonton, Jeld-Wen, and more create top-notch windows that will look great in your home. By specifying which brand of windows you want, a window installer will be able to give you a better idea of how much replacement windows will cost you.  

Measure the height and width of your home’s windows. 

Once you’ve nailed down the type of windows you want and the window manufacturer that suits you best, it’ll be time to move on to taking measurements of your windows. If you can’t do this, many window installers will send someone out to do it for you. But all you really need to do is measure the height and width of each window in your home and find out exactly how many windows you’re going to replace. You should also write down the different styles of windows you have (horizontal slider, vertical slider, picture, etc.) so your window installer knows which styles you’ll need.  

Write down the quote you receive to make comparing prices simple. 

At the end of all this, a window installer should be prepared to provide you with an accurate quote for your window job. Write it down on a spreadsheet to make it simple to compare the quotes you receive from different companies.  

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, we know the value of providing accurate quotes to our customers. We strive to make it easy for them to get access to a quote for the windows they want to install in their homes. If you choose us to put your windows in, we’ll show you why we’re considered to be the best window installation company in Fountain Valley, CA. Call us at (714) 841-2228 today to get a quote or visit us at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to set up a free in-home consultation.

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