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Easy Ways to Upgrade your Home’s Curb Appeal

Change is fun. It keeps things exciting and feeling new. This is true for your home as well. Changing the look of your home’s exterior can make it feel new again and revitalize the love you have for it. Switching things up can include painting the trim, changing the décor, and even installing new replacement windows in Orange, CA.,

There are so many ways to make your home look and feel fresh again that you can make this as small or big of a project as you want. There are no limits and no rules. If you need a little inspiration to help you get started, check out these simple ideas.

Add Color

Color can go a long way in adding pop and interest to a space. Adding a new color or replacing an old one is an easy way to make a big difference in the look and feel of your home’s exterior.

One way to include this new color is to paint it on. You could paint your home’s trim, any shutters you may have, or even the front door. You could also paint your mailbox and any other details your home may have.

If you would like to add color in a less permanent way, think accessories. Things like pillows on patio chairs, pots for plants, flowers, wind chimes, and another hanging décor, and garden flags all make great accents and pops of color.


Make your home feel new and welcoming by adding interest to your yard. Planting trees and flowers is an easy way to upgrade any green space. Other things you could consider adding are bird feeders, water features, walkways, or paving stones.

A little sitting space is also a nice touch. This could be a single bench nestled in flowers or a designated area with chairs and a table. If you have a sturdy tree, you could attach a swing chair to one of the branches.

And don’t forget about lighting. Adding solar lights or LED fairy lights into your landscaping design will give your home an almost magical feeling at night.

Add New Fixtures

Is your home hardware outdated? Is it old and rusted? Replace it with new, updated pieces. Mailbox numbers, house numbers, light fixtures, and locks on doors can all be replaced with a new, fresh design. With so many styles and options, you can choose a perfect style for the look and feel of your home.

Replacement Windowsreplacement windows in Orange, CA

Does your home have old windows and frames that are cracked, ill-fitting, or just outdated? Replacing your home’s windows can dramatically update the look of your home. While it can be a big investment, an updated new look is not the only benefit of new windows.

Installing new windows can also help save you money on your electric bill. Since the windows will be properly fitted and secured, outside air will stay outside. This means no cold drafts working their way in during the winter, and the hot summer air will stay outside in the summer.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Orange, CA., call the experts at Pacific Shores Windows & Doors. Let their professional staff answer any questions and get you started with a free estimate.

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Questions to Ask When Looking for a Window Company

It is important to find a reputable company to install your replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. But how do you know who to choose? With many companies to choose from, knowing which one is the right one for your job can be a difficult task.

Researching different companies and asking key questions will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to decide. Not sure what to ask? Here are a few topics to discuss to get you started.

What is the Lead Time?

A project’s “lead time” is the time it takes the project to get started from the time of the initial purchase. Of course this lead time will change from company to company. It may also change depending on the time of year. For example, if your window install is right in the middle of a busy season, the lead time may take longer.

Knowing the lead time you are needing for your project and asking the companies if they can meet it is an important thing to consider.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Another factor to consider is how long the project will take once given the go-ahead. While replacing your home windows has a ton of benefits, it will be a little work and inconvenience putting them in. You don’t want to be inconvenienced any longer than you must be. Knowing what to expect for the length of the project helps you better prepare and better decide who to use.

Do They Help with Prep Work?

To help get ready for your new window installation, some prep-work must be taken care of. For example, you may need to move certain furniture to make a clear path and working area for the installers. Laying down drop cloths is always a good idea to protect the are and floors. Another consideration are window treatments as these will need to be removed and reinstalled afterwards.

Some companies will help with this process. If this is something you would like assistance with, make sure to ask them their policies regarding helping with the prep-work.

Company’s Reputation

Leaning about a company’s past performance can be a great predicter of future performance. Asking things like how much experience they have and how long have they been in business are fair and important questions.

You can also look them up online to see if they have good reviews or any complaints filed against them. Knowing what kind of reputation the company has is one of the most important things to consider when hiring for your project.

What Services Do They Provide?replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

Are you looking for a company who offers a free consultation? Do you need help selecting which windows would be right for your home? Would you like a company with a big showroom so you can see he windows in person? Do you need design guidance?

Deicing what services are important to you before hand can help narrow down your search and keep you on track to finding the perfect professionals for your job.

When you are ready for your replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., Pacific Shores Windows & Doors is here to help. Call today and let them help you get started with a free estimate.

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replacement windows in Orange, CA

Autumn Home Improvements

The fall is the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the brisk autumn weather, and tackle some home improvements. Some of these projects could include routine home maintenance such as cleaning out your gutters, while others could be more focused on winterizing your home such as installing replacement windows in Orange, CA.

If you aren’t sure what projects you should take on, here are a few home improvements that are perfect for the fall season.

Inspect Your Roof

Checking your roof in the fall ensures you have a safe roof for winter. Winter weather can bring rain and snow and you don’t want a damaged or leaky roof when that arrives. If you live in an area of particularly heavy snowfall, the snow build-up can cause damage and even leaks.

Clean Your Gutters

While it is a beautiful time of year, you may find your gutters fuller with falling leaves. Schedule time on your calendar to clean these gutters out from all the leaves and debris. It’s a great way to improve your home and perform maintenance on it as well as enjoy the beautiful weather.

Change it Up

When the seasons change, things feel new again. Enhance that feeling and change up your home’s exterior color combination. This can be done by painting the trim or shutters a different color, getting a new font door, or something as simple as adding/changing any décor you may have on the front porch.

Insulate Your Attic

Fall is the perfect time to prepare for those cold winter months ahead. Having your attic adequality winterized with installation will help keep the cold out and the warm air in. This will not only keep your family toasty in the winter, but it will also help reduce your heating bill.

Add Replacement Windows

Winterizing your home doesn’t stop with your attic installation, replacing old windows is also an effective way to prepare for the colder months. Since new windows will have a tight seal and proper fitting, they will keep the cold drafts out.

Not only will replacement windows help keep you warm, but they will also add beauty to your home for the holidays. Your home will be looking the best it can when you host friends and familyreplacement windows in Orange, CA during all your holiday parties.

The seasons are changing, so why not change your home? The fall is such the perfect time for improving your home for the colder months ahead and giving it a little “refresh” at the same time. From home maintenance like cleaning out your gutters to adding beauty and warmth to your home with new windows, there are many ways to add value to your home this season.

When you are ready to talk about the installation of replacement windows in Orange, CA., make sure you call the professionals. Pacific Shores Windows & Doors is here to answer all your questions and handle your installation project big or small. Call today and let their friendly staff provide you with an estimate and help get you started.

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Should I Replace All My Windows at Once

If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., you may have a few questions. One of these questions maybe if you need to replace all your windows at the same time or if you can schedule them out at different times. While it can be a larger upfront investment, there are several reasons to consider replacing the windows all at once.

Some of the benefits include saving money, dealing with less stress, and having your home be the most energy-efficient possible. Keep reading as we dive deeper into these reasons and provide tips if you need to install your windows in smaller projects.

Save Money

It is true that when you replace all your windows at once, you will be paying a larger up-front cost. However, having one large project, rather than several smaller ones, can save you money overall.

Many times the labor cost for professionals to come out and install one window can be the same if the company is installing five. That is because many companies offer lower labor costs when the team will be employed with a full-day installation.

Installing the windows in multiple, smaller projects means more visits and that adds up to much more money out of your pocket over time.

Less Headache

Being able to replace all your windows at once means less paperwork and less stress. Deciding on which windows to choose, scheduling your installation time, and preparing for the new windows to be installed takes time and energy. When you replace your windows in one project, you can have them all installed in a couple of days rather than multiple visits over time.

Better Energy Efficiently

Replacement windows are effective at keeping hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter. This is great news if you are wanting to lower your electric bill. Replacing all your windows at once ensures you are taking full advantage of this benefit. Keeping old windows may be allowing the outside air to seep in, making it harder for your thermostat to hold the set temperature.

What If I Can’t Replace Them All at Once?replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

While it can be beneficial to replace all your home windows at once, we understand that is not an option for everyone. If you find yourself wanting new windows but needing to install only a couple at a time, we have some tips.

First, if you have a multi-level home, consider replacing all the windows on just one level at a time. Then, when you are ready, move on to the next level.

Second, if you have a single-level home, you could consider replacing all the windows on one side of the home. If one side faces the afternoon sun or the cold northern wind, you could replace those to help with your energy bill. Perhaps you want to improve your curb appeal in which case you could replace the windows along the front of your house.

Whenever you are ready for replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., remember that while it is better overall to replace them all at once, you certainly do not have to. Talk to the professionals at Pacific Shores Windows & Doors and let them answer all your questions and discuss the best options for your project.

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