“Can I paint my vinyl windows?” is a question that many homeowners often ask. They enjoy having vinyl windows in their homes, but they don’t like the current color of their vinyl windows or the condition they’re in. So they want to try painting their windows in Irvine, CA to bring them back to life.  

You can paint vinyl windows if you want. In some cases, those vinyl windows might even look good once you’re done painting them. But there are many reasons why you should replace vinyl windows altogether with new ones instead of going the painting route. Check out 3 reasons why you probably shouldn’t paint your old vinyl windows below.  

Paint doesn’t always look good when it’s placed on vinyl window frames. 

In order to paint Irvine, CA vinyl windows, you’ll need to clean them thoroughly, lightly sand them, and do other prep work to prepare them for paint. You’ll then need to paint your vinyl window frames with the color paint that you like best. In some cases, the paint will look perfectly fine once you’re all finished painting. But in many others, your paint won’t adhere to your windows well. This may cause the vinyl color to shine through the paint. It may also cause the paint to flake away quickly and leave your windows looking even worse than before. Either way, you’re likely not going to get the desired look when you paint your home’s vinyl windows.  

Paint might cause your window frames to warp. 

Are you thinking about going with a darker color paint for your home’s vinyl windows? This is just about the worst thing that you can do. When you paint vinyl window frames a dark color, they’ll attract more solar heat, which will make your windows hotter during the day. The heat can cause your vinyl window frames to warp and prevent you from being able to use them. It can also drag down the aesthetic appeal of your windows and force you to replace them later.  

Paint could potentially void your warranty. 

Many vinyl windows come with long warranties. Since vinyl is so durable, window companies feel comfortable extending long warranties to customers. But if you choose to paint your home’s vinyl windows, you might actually void your warranty. This will prevent you from being able to have free window repairs done in the event that something goes wrong with your windows in the future.  

If you aren’t in love with the look of your home’s vinyl windows anymore, why spend time painting them when it could do more harm than good? Install new windows in Irvine, CA instead. Whether you stick with vinyl windows or decide to go with another type of windows like aluminum or wood clad windows, Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can show you lots of different options and handle installation for you. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to hear about our window selection or come see it for yourself at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.