More often than not, the window replacement process will go off without a hitch when you’re having replacement windows in Orange, CA installed in your home. As long as you work with a reputable window installation company, they’ll be able to put your new windows into place without running into any problems along the way. But there are some challenges that you might face when you’re installing new windows in your home. You should make yourself aware of them so that they don’t throw your installation job off track. Check out 4 challenges that could present problems for you below.

Shipping delays

Before the window installers that you hire to install your new windows can get to work, they’re obviously going to need to get the windows that are going to go to your home in stock. Oftentimes, this will mean waiting for a window manufacturer to ship your new windows to them. They don’t usually have to wait very long. But every now and then, a window shipment will get delayed for one reason or another. This could very well derail your window installation and force you to wait for your windows to arrive.


If you have new Orange, CA windows installed in your home between May and September, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about rain impacting your plans. It doesn’t usually rain much at all in Orange during those months. But if you have window replacement done at any other time of the year, it could lead to problems for you. Rain can slow your window installation down, and in a worst-case scenario, it can invite rain into your home and cause water damage. You can avoid dealing with rain by checking the forecast in the days leading up to your window installation and calling it off if there’s even a small chance of rain.


The temperatures in Orange often stay on the milder side throughout the year. It’s in the 70s almost every day. But there are certain times when the temperature will spike and send the temperatures into the high 80s and even the 90s in some instances. Temperatures that high can make it difficult for window installers to put replacement windows into place. Many of the supplies that installers use to install new windows won’t perform well in the heat. You’re better off delaying a window installation job as opposed to trying to have installers do it out in the hot sun. It could lead to issues with your new windows down the line.

Shoddy workmanship

As long as you hire a reputable window installation company that employs highly skilled window installers to handle your window replacement project, you shouldn’t have to worry about this particular challenge. But if you happen to hire a company that doesn’t do great work, you could be treated to shoddy workmanship by your installers. This could very well force you to rip out new windows and have them re-installed the right way. This will delay your window installation in a major way, which is why it’s important for you to find the best window installers in the business to take care of your window installation.

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, we’re well aware of the challenges that come along with installing new windows in a home. We can help you overcome them when you rely on us to assist you with your Orange, CA window installation project. Get in contact with us to set up a window consultation to see what we’re all about.