From the second that you have replacement windows in Anaheim, CA put into place in your home, it’ll be your job to keep them clean. The good news is that most new windows require very little maintenance. But you will need to wipe them down from time to time, vacuum out their tracks, and, of course, wash the window glass in them.

You’ll need to steer clear of making any mistakes that could do damage to your new windows, though. Here are 4 common cleaning mistakes that many homeowners tend to make.

Using the wrong cleaning tools and products

If you’ve ever walked down the aisle in the grocery store with all of the cleaning products in it, you’ve no doubt seen just how many window cleaning products there are. There are so many different tools and products that you can use to keep your windows clean. The key is picking out the ones that will work best on your specific windows. You should talk to the company that installs your windows and find out what they would recommend you to use when you clean your windows.

Cleaning windows on a day when it’s too hot or sunny

Some people mistakenly believe that it’s a good idea to clean their Anaheim, CA windows on days when it’s hot and/or sunny outside. The thinking is that this will allow windows to dry quickly once they’ve been cleaned. But in reality, you don’t want your windows to dry too quickly when you’re cleaning them. This can leave streaks behind, both on your window glass and your window sills. Choose a day when it’s cloudy outside to clean instead. This will yield much better results.

Allowing moisture to sit on windows for too long

While you don’t want your windows to dry too quickly when you’re cleaning them, you also don’t want to leave water, cleaning products, or any other moisture behind on them when you’re finished cleaning. This could cause damage to your windows and even lead to things like discoloration. When you’re all done cleaning your windows, you should always wipe them down one final time to ensure you don’t allow any moisture to linger.

Not cleaning windows often enough

At the end of the day, you don’t want to have to clean your home’s windows any more than you really have to. It’s one of the best parts about installing new windows that don’t require a ton of maintenance. But you should get into the habit of cleaning them at least once every few weeks, even if the only thing you do is wipe them down with a microfiber cloth very quickly. This will keep your windows cleaner and help them to last for a long time.

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