You’re not going to be surprised to see how amazing fiberglass replacement windows in Orange, CA look when they’re installed in your home. Arguably the biggest benefit of installing fiberglass windows is their appearance. They’ll transform the whole look and feel of your home in a big way. But they’ll also provide you with some surprising benefits that you might not expect. Learn about these benefits below while trying to decide whether or not fiberglass windows would be right for you.

They require next to no maintenance.

Most people know that vinyl windows aren’t hard to maintain. But they’re not always aware of the fact that Orange, CA windows made out of fiberglass are just as easy to clean and maintain. You can make them shine and look like new simply by wiping them down with a microfiber cloth from time to time. No matter how long you have them for, they’ll appear as though they were just installed at all times. They also won’t take up much of your time at all when you go to clean them.

They can hold very large pieces of glass.

Does your home offer incredible views? If so, you should strive to take advantage of it by installing windows in your home that are as large as possible. When you go with windows made out of other materials, you might be limited in how big your windows can be. But this won’t be the case with fiberglass windows. They’re extremely strong and can be counted on to hold even the largest pieces of window glass in them. It’ll open up your home’s views like never before and make them even better than you could have ever imagined.

They’re paintable.

When you first install fiberglass windows, you’ll obviously pick out the color windows that you want. But in the future, you might decide that you want your windows to be a different color. Rather than having to replace your windows, you can simply paint them to change their color. This is an option that you’re not going to have with most other types of windows.

They will last for a ridiculously long time.

Most modern-day windows are designed to be durable and last for a long time. But fiberglass windows really take durability to the next level. They can, in some cases, last you for up to 50 years, which is about 20 years more than you can expect to get out of vinyl windows. You’ll love the fact that you won’t ever have to worry about replacing the windows in your home again when you go with fiberglass windows over your other options.

Interested in possibly having fiberglass windows installed in your home? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors has lots of fiberglass options available. We can help you pick out the ones that would work best in your home and handle every aspect of your Orange, CA window replacement project for you. Give us a call to hear more about the benefits of installing fiberglass windows in your home.