If you have an extremely large home, it could take a window company a few days to complete window replacement in it. But otherwise, most window companies can install Irvine, CA replacement windows in just a day or two, tops.

There are different things that could potentially delay the installation of your replacement windows, though. Some of them will be out of your control, but you can help window companies avoid some others. Check out several things that might delay your window installation and do your best to steer clear of them at all costs.

Choosing the wrong window company

When you decide to have window replacement in Irvine, CA done, it’s extremely important for you to research different window companies in your area and choose the right one. The window company you choose should offer a wide variety of windows. But they should also give you access to experienced window installers who know exactly how to put those windows into place. If you select the wrong window company, they’ll often drag their feet and make window replacement take longer than it should. You’re much better off hiring a company that you know will do a great job replacing your windows and do it as quickly as they can.

Picking the wrong time to install windows

Those living in Irvine, CA are free to install new windows in their homes at almost any time of the year. The temperatures hover right around the 75-degree mark on most days, and even when it’s “cold” in Irvine, CA, the temperature only falls into the 40s. But there are some instances in which the weather could prevent window installation from taking place. For example, it tends to rain the most in Irvine, CA in January, February, and March. You’ll need to be careful about scheduling window installation during those months and pick the nicest days to do it.

Failing to prepare your home for window replacement

Before window installers arrive at your home to do window installation for you, you should take steps to prepare your property for it. That means clearing clutter away from the exterior of your windows, moving furniture inside away from your windows, and creating paths throughout your home for window installers to use. By doing these things, you’ll allow installers to come to your home and get to work right away.

Disturbing your window installers

You’re more than welcome to ask window installers as many questions as you want when they first start installing windows in your home. But once they get into the job, you should try not to bother them too much. You can, of course, bring up any concerns you have. But if you’re running to them with a new question every 10 minutes, it’s going to slow the window installation process way down and prevent them from getting any work done.

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, we do our best to avoid unnecessary delays during window installation in Irvine, CA. We’ll make sure your new windows are installed in a hurry when you call on us. Get in touch with us at (714) 841-2228 today or come see us at 10573 Ellis Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to find out more about our window installation process.