Do you want to install plain white vinyl windows in your home in the near future? If so, you’re more than welcome to do it. You really can’t go wrong with the classic look of white vinyl. But it’s worth noting that replacement windows in Orange, CA are always changing thanks to the trends that pop up and influence the way in which manufacturers make their windows. You should keep these trends in mind when you’re searching for new windows for your home and decide if you like any of them and want to incorporate them into your home. Check out several trends that are sweeping through the window industry right now below.

Bigger is better?

The idea of “living in a glass house” didn’t used to appeal to many people. Homeowners have always fought hard to protect their privacy by keeping windows to a minimum. But these days, more and more homeowners are opting to replace standard-size windows with much bigger options. They’re doing it to allow more natural light to enter their homes and to provide them with better views when they’re looking out their windows. It’s a trend that appears as though it’s going to continue for years to come.

Thin frames as opposed to thick ones

Not all homeowners have the option to install large Orange, CA windows in their homes. It can be costly to open up walls and create the necessary space to put big windows into place. In an effort to get around this problem, some homeowners are striving to make their standard-size windows look bigger than they really are by buying windows with very thin frames. These frames open up windows and give them a much bigger appearance. They’re also more aesthetically pleasing than thicker frames in a lot of cases.

Darker colors over lighter ones

As we just mentioned, you’re free to install white vinyl windows or lighter-colored windows in your home if you want. But as of late, the trend among homeowners has been to go with either black windows or windows with darker colors. It’s becoming more common for homeowners to choose dark brown, dark green, and even dark red windows. This is yet another trend that looks like it might stick around for quite awhile.

As energy efficient as it gets

Regardless of which style of window homeowners decide to go with for their homes, there’s one thing that just about all of them want out of their windows—energy efficiency! Window manufacturers have responded by finding all sorts of cool ways to make their windows as energy efficient as possible. You should strongly consider searching for the most energy efficient windows for your home. It’ll help keep your home comfortable and stop your energy bills from soaring higher than they should be.

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