Did you just make the decision to have Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows installed in your home? Congratulations. You’re going to love the way they look once they go in. But before you can have them installed, you’re going to need to prepare your home for their installation. Here are 5 tips that will get your home ready.  

Move furniture and other clutter away from your home’s windows. 

The first thing you should do when preparing your home for new windows is move any furniture that you might have near your windows away from them. You should also clear out any clutter around your home’s windows so that window installers in Huntington Beach, CA don’t have any trouble accessing them. This will prevent installers from having to move furniture and clutter for you, which can make your window installation take longer than it has to.  

Clear paths for window installers to walk throughout your home. 

The window installers that you bring in to install your windows will need to make their way throughout your home. So in addition to clearing furniture and clutter away from windows, you should also clear paths for the installers to use while walking around in your house. This will make it easy for them to carry new windows in and take old windows out.  

Remove window treatments for your old windows. 

Do you have curtains, shades, blinds, and other window treatments hanging over some or all of the windows that are in your home right now? Take them down before your window installers arrive and put them away for safekeeping for the time being. You don’t want your installers to have to work around your window treatments when they arrive.  

Throw down dust covers on your carpeting and other flooring. 

There is a chance your carpeting and other flooring could get very dirty during your window installation if you don’t cover them up. It’s usually a good idea to throw down dust covers on your flooring to protect it. If nothing else, you’ll want to put dust covers down in high-traffic areas. This will help you avoid having to replace flooring later due to the wear and tear it could potentially sustain during your window installation.  

Shut off your HVAC system. 

If you’re having your windows installed at a time when you won’t be running your HVAC system, you won’t have to worry about taking this step. But if you’re having them installed when your heating or air conditioning system is turned on, you should shut it off before they arrive. You don’t want to waste a bunch of energy running your HVAC system when your home is exposed to the elements. Just make sure you turn it back on once your window installers are all finished up.  

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