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How a Showroom Can Help You Find the Perfect Replacement Windows

When you’re in the market for replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA, there are a lot of window companies that will help you shop for them by showing you catalogs filled with options. But if you want to ensure that you make the right choice, you’re better off working with a window company that has a showroom. There are so many advantages to working with a company that can provide you with a showroom. Check out some of these benefits below.

Lets you see replacement window options in person

When you’re flipping through a window catalog, you can obviously look at pictures of new Huntington Beach, CA windows. But there’s nothing quite like seeing these windows in person to get a feel for what they’re all about. The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on windows only to realize that you don’t actually like them when they’re installed. This won’t be an issue at all when you’re able to see windows before buying them.

Allows you to test out replacement windows to see how they work

You want to love the way that windows look prior to purchasing them for your home. But you also want to love the way that they work, and shopping for windows at a showroom will help you to test out replacement windows before you buy them. You can see how easy it is to open and close them and learn about other interesting operational features associated with them. You’ll be 100 percent sure that a specific window is for you when you’re able to test it out.

Makes it easy to compare different replacement windows that you like

There are going to be more than a few windows that you like when you’re looking for new windows for your home. You might even have half a dozen different options that you’re considering. The best way to compare and contrast windows is at a showroom. You can look at them side-by-side and figure out which windows are the right choice for you. This is something that’s decidedly a lot more difficult to do when you’re shopping for windows in a catalog.

Gives you a chance to ask questions about replacement windows

You’ll find more than just replacement windows inside of a showroom. You’ll also find salespeople who are ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about the windows that you see in front of you. If you’re struggling to decide which windows might be best for you, a salesperson can make the decision easier by answering any questions you might have and talking to you about the benefits of different windows.

Pacific Shores Windows & Doors has one of the biggest showrooms in all of Southern California. When you visit it, you can look at and test out all of the windows that you see. You can also arrange to have Huntington Beach, CA window installers come out to your home to install the ones you like best. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to arrange a time to come and see our windows or stop by 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 for more information on our window services.

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How Often Will Wood Replacement Windows Need to Be Painted?

There are a bunch of different benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you have wood replacement windows in Anaheim, CA installed in your home. Wood windows are known to add a certain warmth to a home. They’re also excellent when it comes to making homes more energy efficient. But one of the best parts about installing wood windows in a home is that they can be painted and then repainted whenever you want. Here are some of the factors that will have an impact on how often you will need to repaint replacement windows if you decide to paint them in the first place.

The amount of sunshine your home gets

Are a lot of the windows in your home sitting in the sun for the majority of the day? This can take a toll on the paint on them and force you to have to repaint your Anaheim, CA wood windows a little more often than you might have to otherwise. The sun can cause paint to fade, which will result in you having to repaint your windows every so often. One good way to get around this is by choosing a lighter-colored paint that won’t absorb a ton of sunlight. This will help you steer clear of having to repaint your windows too often.

The maintenance you do on your wood windows

When you have wood windows installed in your home and painted, you’ll need to maintain them as best you can. You’ll have to dust your windows to remove dirt, dust, and debris from them. You’ll also have to use special cleaners to make them shine. And of course, you and your fellow family members will have to be extra careful around wood windows to avoid chipping the paint on them. The better you take care of your windows, the less you’ll have to worry about repainting them.

The interior design of your home

Do you tend to switch up the interior design in your home on a pretty regular basis? This could lead to you repainting your wood windows more often than some other homeowners. The great thing about this is that you’ll have the option to make your windows just about any color you want to match the rest of your home. But you will, of course, have to work to make your windows a color that will complement your interior design.

The type of paint you use on your wood windows

If you use cheap paint on your wood windows, they aren’t going to look their best. You’re also not going to get a ton of life out of the paint, which will mean you’ll be forced to repaint it sooner rather than later. If you’re going to paint wood windows, it’s best to use high-quality paint that is designed to last for a long time. It might cost a little extra money, but it’ll be well worth it in the long run.

When Pacific Shores Windows & Doors installs new wood windows in your home, you don’t have to paint them if you don’t want to. But if you decide to paint your wood windows following your Anaheim, CA window installation, it’s best to keep the factors listed above in mind. Do whatever you can to help your paint stand the test of time. Call us at (714) 841-2228 today to schedule a free window consultation or visit 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to speak with one of our experienced salespeople about wood windows.

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How Replacement Windows Will Help Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s hard not to judge a home based on its curb appeal. A home will give you a certain feeling when you pull up in front of it, and if that feeling isn’t a good one, you’ll probably think less of the home as a whole. If your home doesn’t fill you with pride each and every time you pull into your driveway, it’s time to consider doing whatever it takes to improve your curb appeal. One way to do it is by installing replacement windows in Orange, CA. Here is how new windows will help your curb appeal.

They’ll brighten up the look of your home.

If you have older windows installed in your home right now, there’s a good chance that they’re dull and lifeless. Installing new Orange, CA windows will solve this problem right away. It doesn’t matter if you go with bright white vinyl windows or darker wood windows. Your home’s new windows will make your entire house look brighter than it did before. You might not even realize just how dull and lifeless your old windows were until you put your new windows into place. They’ll make a world of a difference and will transform the outside of your home.

They’ll make your home look more modern.

Outside of making your home look brighter, replacement windows can also make it look more modern. You might not necessarily recognize it, but older windows have a way of making a home look, well, old. New windows, on the other hand, will give it the modern touch that it was missing before. As an added bonus, they’ll also modernize the inside of your home and give you an opportunity to freshen up the interior of it. You’ll love the new modern look of your home once window installation is finished.

They’ll encourage you to make other changes to the front of your home.

Once you’ve installed replacement windows in your home and seen the difference that they make as far as curb appeal is concerned, it’ll encourage you to keep pushing to improve your curb appeal even more. You’ll want to power wash your home’s siding or maybe even replace the siding altogether. You’ll also want to replace your front door so that it matches your new windows before long. Additionally, you’ll be inspired to rethink your landscape design and everything else that has an impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Do you hate your home’s curb appeal at the moment? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors would love to show you how easy it is to improve it by doing Orange, CA window replacement. We can show you different windows that would do the trick and handle the installation of them to ensure that your curb appeal is improved. Give us a call at (714) 841-2228 today to get started or stop by 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to set up a free window consultation.

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Reasons to Install Replacement Windows When You Move Into a Home

If you just moved into a new home, there are probably all sorts of home improvement projects that you want to tackle. From putting down new flooring to hanging new light fixtures, most people take on tons of projects as soon as they take possession of a new property. But one of the very first things you should consider doing is installing replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA if your new home has older windows in it. Take a look at a few reasons why you should think about doing it below.

It’ll improve the curb appeal of your new home.

When you pull up in front of your new home, you want to feel proud of the way that it looks. But it’s going to be difficult to do this if your new home has older windows in it since that’ll drag your home’s curb appeal way down. By installing new Huntington Beach, CA windows, you can bring the curb appeal of the property back up and make it look more modern. You’ll be amazed by what a difference new windows can make when it comes to the exterior appearance of your home.

It’ll enhance the look of the inside of your new home.

New windows will do more than just make the outside of your new home look better. They’ll also improve the look of the inside of it and allow you to feel good about inviting people to come and see it. You can brighten up your new home with replacement windows and give yourself more options as far as interior design is concerned.

It’ll make your new home more energy efficient.

You might love everything about your new home. But what you’re not going to love is getting your first electric bill in the mail and realizing how much it’s going to cost you to run your HVAC system. If your electric bills are sky high, it could be because the older windows in your home aren’t energy efficient enough. By installing new windows, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and put less of a strain on your HVAC system from now on.

It’ll bring up the value of your new home immediately.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Why not protect your investment and make your investment worth more almost right away by having new windows installed? New windows will offer a great return on investment as long as you work with the right window company and pick out the right windows for your home. You can increase the value of your new home by tens of thousands of dollars in some cases as soon as you move into it with replacement windows.

Would you like to have Huntington Beach, CA window replacement done in your new home? Let Pacific Shores Windows & Doors take care of everything from helping you find replacement windows to putting those windows into place. Reach out to us at (714) 841-2228 today to see how we can help you or take a trip down to 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to speak with one of our experienced window specialists.

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4 Ways to Keep the Warranty on Your Replacement Windows Valid

Just about all of the new windows on the market today are very durable and built to last. As a result, most window companies don’t have any problem offering long warranties on their replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. You’ll really appreciate this because it’ll mean that you won’t have to worry about paying to have your windows repaired or replaced if something ever goes wrong with them.

But with that being said, one thing you will have to worry about is keeping the warranty on your windows intact. If you don’t take good care of your windows from the moment that you buy them, you might end up inadvertently voiding your window warranty. Check out 4 ways to keep the warranty on your replacement windows valid below.

Call on the right window company to put your windows into place.

There are some homeowners who make the mistake of voiding their window warranty before they even start using them! They choose to either install their windows themselves or hire a handyman to do it for them. This is not acceptable in the eyes of most window manufacturers. In order to keep the warranty on your Anaheim, CA windows intact, you need to have a licensed window company install them. It’ll let your window manufacturer know that they were installed the right way.

Learn how to use your windows before you start opening and closing them.

It’s simple enough to open and close most windows. But it’s worth looking at your new windows to see if there are any special steps you’ll need to take when opening or closing them. For example, there are some windows that open at both the top and the bottom and others that tilt in and out for cleaning purposes. If you accidentally break a window while not using it right, it could affect your window warranty. It’s why you should learn how to use your windows before you start throwing them open and closing them.

Clean and maintain your windows on a regular basis.

Most of the newer windows that are out there at the moment are easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, and even most wood windows can be cleaned off with little more than a microfiber cloth. But you should also get into the habit of vacuuming out your window tracks and wiping down your window glass. If a window manufacturer suspects that you didn’t clean and maintain windows enough and it led to an issue with them, they may choose not to honor a warranty claim.

Take care of any minor window repairs that pop up.

You shouldn’t have to spend too much time repairing your windows when they’re first installed. But if you happen to notice a small issue with a window, it’s best to contact your window manufacturer right away to have it fixed. If you ignore a small problem and it creates larger problems down the line, your window manufacturer may not be on board with fixing the larger problems on their dime. You should keep an eye out for any small issues with your windows and have them repaired immediately.

You can trust Pacific Shores Windows & Doors to help keep your window warranty intact during your Anaheim, CA window installation. We stand behind the work that we do and promise to provide you with a high-quality installation job. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to find out more about our window services or visit us at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to obtain additional information about our window inventory.

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How to Save Money When You’re Installing Replacement Windows

Is the cost associated with replacement windows in Orange, CA making you hesitant about having them installed? Rather than putting window replacement off, you should learn about some of the ways in which you can save money when having new windows put into place in your home. There are a variety of things that you can do to keep your window replacement costs low while still giving yourself access to great windows. Here are a few tips that’ll get you more bang for your buck when it comes to installing replacement windows.

Work with an experienced window company.

There are some people who are under the impression that it’ll cost more to purchase replacement windows at a window speciality store as opposed to a big-box store. But the truth is that you can’t afford not to work with an experienced window company when installing new windows. A good Orange, CA window company will have great relationships with the top window manufacturers. This will help you obtain the best possible windows for your home at the right price.

Choose the right windows for your home.

When you’re shopping for new windows for your home, you’ll find that there are so many different options available to you. From vinyl windows to wood windows to fiberglass windows, the possibilities are seemingly endless! But there are, of course, some window types that are more expensive than others. Work with your window company to find windows that you like that fit well within your budget. Vinyl windows, for example, are excellent windows that’ll make your home more energy efficient and last for a long time. But they don’t cost as much as other windows and will help you save some money in the end.

Pick the right time to install replacement windows.

Many homeowners choose to have their windows replaced in the spring and the fall when it’s not too warm or too cool outside. As a result, most window companies have schedules that are jam-packed during those two seasons. If you can manage it, you might want to consider replacing windows in the summer or winter to save a little money. Many companies will extend better offers to customers during their slower times of the year.

Buy windows in bulk as opposed to replacing them one at a time.

In an effort to feel like they’re not spending a small fortune on new windows, some homeowners will try to replace their windows one or two at a time over the course of several years. Rather than taking this approach, think about buying all new windows for your home at once. Window companies will usually offer better prices on windows when they’re purchased in bulk. If you have a neighbor who is considering window replacement, you might even want to team up with them to find a window company together. It could help you save a lot of money on your window replacement project.

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, we strive to help our customers save as much money as they possibly can when they turn to us for Orange, CA window replacement. We’re always offering specials on windows that are designed to save our customers hundreds of dollars. Call us at (714) 841-2228 today to hear about the windows we have in stock or come check some of them out in person at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

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5 Important Qualities Every Good Window Installer Must Have

There are plenty of window installers that you can hire to install replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA. But since you’re going to be making a pretty sizable investment into your new windows, it’s good to take some time to track down the right installers for the job. There are 5 important qualities that every good window installer must have. Read about them below.


Window installation isn’t something that you can learn overnight. Sure, you can pick up a few pointers here and there by watching window installers work on YouTube. But in order to do a successful Huntington Beach, CA window installation, you need to know exactly what you’re doing. Your window installers should have at least a few years of experience under their belts before working on your home.


During your window installation, you may have questions that you want to ask your window installers. For example, you might wonder which methods they’re going to use to install your windows or how your windows will handle certain types of weather. Your window installers should be able to explain whatever it is that you want to know about your new windows.


When you have new windows installed in your home, it can leave your whole house exposed to the elements. It can also make it hard for your family to stick to a normal schedule. Therefore, you need your window installers to show up on the day they say they’re going to be at your home, and more importantly, you need them to work quickly while still maintaining a high level of quality. In short, you need them to be reliable at all times.


Your window installers will likely need to come into various parts of your home to check out your windows. For this reason, it’s essential for you to hire a trustworthy crew that you can leave alone in your home while they’re working. If you have your suspicions about window installers, you’re better off finding someone else that you trust more.

Licensed and Insured

You could argue that this is the most important quality that a window installer must have. All window installers need to be licensed and insured before they set foot on your property. If they’re not, you could run into some big problems later if your window installation project doesn’t go according to plan. You could even be on the hook for medical bills and repair costs if something goes wrong when installers are working on your new windows. Always ask to see proof of a license and insurance.

If you want to ensure that you can count on your window installers to do a great job, let Pacific Shores Windows & Doors help. We can show you a large selection of new Huntington Beach, CA windows and assist you as you strive to pick out the right ones. We can also set you up with experienced window installers who will get them into your home without encountering or causing any problems. Give us a call at (714) 841-2228 today to schedule a window consultation or pay us a visit at 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to talk more about replacement windows.

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4 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Replacement Windows

Most of the replacement windows in Anaheim, CA that are put into homes today are designed to last for decades before they’ll need to be replaced again. Vinyl windows, in particular, can last you for as long as 40 years when you take good care of them. But in order to get that much life out of your windows, you’ll need to follow some simple steps. Take a look at 4 ways to extend the life of your home’s replacement windows below.

Be careful about who you trust to install them.

First things first: If you’re going to make your new Anaheim, CA windows last for a long time, you’re going to have to make sure they get installed the right way. If you hire someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to put new windows into place, it could turn out to be a disaster. Find a reputable window company in your area that has years, if not decades, of experience when it comes to installing windows. It’s the only way to guarantee that your windows are installed properly right from the start.

Learn how to clean them.

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that you can care for all replacement windows in the same way. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vinyl windows are some of the easiest windows to clean because all you need to do is dust them and keep debris out of their tracks. Wood windows, on the other hand, needs to be cared for a little bit more carefully since they can’t be exposed to any moisture. It’s a good idea to find out exactly how to care for your specific windows once they’re installed in your home.

Keep your kids and your pets away from them.

You might not think that kids and pets can do much damage to your new windows, but you’ll be surprised by how much of a toll they can take on them. Most kids don’t know how to open and close windows properly, so it’s not all that out of the ordinary for them to break windows by throwing them open or slamming them shut. Pets can also damage windows by jumping up on them and scratching them with their paws. By keeping kids and pets away from windows as much as you can, you’ll reduce the chances of them doing any damage to them.

Make repairs to them as necessary.

One of the greatest parts about installing new windows in your home is that you won’t really have to worry about them breaking down on you. Modern windows are built to last and shouldn’t need to be repaired for at least a few years after your window installation. But if you notice that something is off with your windows, schedule a repair right away. Your repair will likely be covered by the warranty on your windows, and it’ll prevent your windows from requiring larger repairs down the road.

When you turn to Pacific Shores Windows & Doors for Anaheim, CA window installation, we’ll make sure you’re able to enjoy your new windows for many years and decades to come. Reach out to us at (714) 841-2228 today to set up a window consultation or take a trip down to 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to browse through some of the windows that we have available.

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About How Long Can You Expect Replacement Windows to Last?

When you spend a lot of time and money installing replacement windows in Orange, CA, you want to know that they’re going to last for as long as they possibly can. The last thing you want to be doing in five or ten years is replacing your windows again.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how long new windows will last once you put them into place in your home. But you can ensure that you’re able to get a lot of life out of your windows by learning about which factors will impact how long your windows will last. Here are some of the things that can affect the longevity of new windows.

What materials are your windows made out of?

There are so many different types of Orange, CA windows on the market today. From wood windows to aluminum windows, you can find windows made out of almost any kind of materials you want. The materials used to make your windows will play an important part in how long they last. The more durable the materials are, the more life you’ll get from your windows. Vinyl windows, for example, can last for upwards of 20 to 40 years since vinyl is very durable. Speak with a window company about the expected lifespan of different window types before settling on one.

What is your local climate like?

If you live in a place that gets either very hot or very cold throughout the year, the temperature could wreak havoc on your windows. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain or snow, they could also have an effect on your windows. Fortunately, these aren’t really things you’ll have to worry about when living in Orange, CA. The temperatures can get really warm from time to time. But for the most part, the weather stays on the milder side, which means your windows should last longer than they would in other parts of the state and country.

What steps do you take to maintain your windows?

Do you walk around and wipe down your window frames and window glass every week or two? Do you make it a point to clean out your window tracks from time to time? By doing these things, you can extend the life of your windows quite a bit. You’ll also leave your windows looking their absolute best when you make cleaning them more of a priority.

What do you do when a window needs to be repaired?

When you have a window in your home that won’t open and close easily or a window lock that doesn’t work, it’s easy to overlook it and put it at the bottom of your to-do list. You should not do this. If you have windows in your home that need to be repaired, it’s best to have repairs made right away so that small issues don’t turn into big ones. You shouldn’t have to fix windows too often when you first get them, but it’s important to make repairs to your windows over the years.

Working with a reputable Orange, CA window company when you first install replacement windows is one of the best ways to guarantee that your windows will last for a long time. Pacific Shores Windows & Doors will make sure your windows are put in properly and answer any questions you might have about caring for them. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to arrange to have a window consultation or stop by 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to see some of your best window options.

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3 Tips for Installing Replacement Windows on a Hot Summer Day

In a perfect world, you should try to install replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA in the spring or fall. These are usually the two best times of year to do it since the weather won’t take much of a toll on your home during these months. But if you want to install new windows in your home in the summertime, it’s not impossible to do it. A great window company is capable of installing windows for you at any time of year.

The good news for those in Huntington Beach is that the temperature tends to stay on the milder side throughout the entire year. Even during the dog days of summer, it’s not uncommon for the temps to fall somewhere in the 70s. But there is a chance that it could be hot outside when window installers come to put new windows into place in your home. Here are 3 tips that will help you successfully install replacement windows on a hot summer day.

Choose the right window company to install your windows.

When you’re looking for a Huntington Beach, CA window company to install new windows for you, you should look for one that has lots of experience. An experienced company will be very familiar with installing windows in homes in the summertime. They’ll know how to work quickly so that your home isn’t exposed to the elements for any longer than it has to be. They’ll also know how to go about installing windows the right way so that the heat doesn’t have any effect on them once they’re put into place.

Pick the right day to do window installation.

While the spring and fall are often the best times to install windows in your home, they’re also the busiest times for many window companies. As a result, you may not get to choose the specific day that you want to do window installation. Your installation date could depend on which days your window company has available. You could have a little more flexibility when you install windows in the summer. You might be able to find a cooler day during the week for your window installation to take place.

Prepare your home for your window installers to avoid delays.

When your window installers show up to install your new windows, the last thing you want is for them to experience a series of delays. They shouldn’t have to spend a long time clearing the areas around the outside of your windows or moving furniture around in your home so that they can get to your windows. When you take the time to prepare the inside and outside of your home for your window installation, you’ll help your installers steer clear of delays. This will keep your installation on track and stop the summer heat from having a huge impact on the interior of your home.

As long as you make the proper preparations, a window company shouldn’t run into any issues while installing new Huntington Beach, CA windows in your home in the middle of the summer. Pacific Shores Windows & Doors would be more than happy to set you up with replacement windows in the summertime or at any other time of the year. Call us at (714) 841-2228 to schedule an in-home window consultation or visit 10573 Ellis Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to check out our window inventory.

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