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Top Reasons to Buy Replacement Windows Made by a Trusted Brand

The replacement window industry is a billion-dollar business in the U.S. Because of this, there have been lots of companies that have popped up in recent years promising to provide American homeowners with top-notch replacement windows in Orange, CA. It can make it challenging for you to find replacement windows for your home since there are so many companies manufacturing them. To make life a little easier on yourself, you should narrow your options down by focusing only on replacement windows made by trusted brands. Here are several reasons why you should do this.

You’ll know that you’re getting high-quality windows.

Buying new Orange, CA windows for your home can be pretty costly. With this in mind, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy them. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you purchase replacement windows from a trusted brand. This brand will use only the highest-quality materials to make your windows. It’ll make you feel like you got way more than you bargained for when your new windows are installed.

You’ll love getting windows that will last you for a long time.

Once you arrange to have new windows installed in your home, you won’t want to have to worry about doing it again for a long, long time. And you won’t have to be concerned about doing it when your windows come from a trusted brand. Since your windows will be made out of nothing but high-quality materials, they’re going to be pretty much as durable as it gets. They’ll stand the test of time and won’t need to be replaced again for decades on end.

You’ll sleep better at night knowing your windows provide insulation and security.

If you were to buy windows from a no-name brand, they would likely be made out of low-quality materials. And while they might look the same as windows made by a trusted brand, they wouldn’t perform up to their lofty standards. For example, they wouldn’t provide your home with a lot of insulation. They also wouldn’t be as strong and secure. But you’ll get the insulating properties and the security that you’re looking for from windows from a trusted brand. These things are going to have you sleeping better at night from now on.

replacement windows in Orange, CA

You’ll appreciate the warranty that comes along with your windows.

As you might imagine, buying replacement windows from a trusted brand might cost you a little more than buying windows from a no-name company. But one big advantage of doing it is that you’re going to get a great warranty with them. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about paying to have them repaired as long as they’re installed by a licensed window contractor. You aren’t going to get this kind of amazing warranty when you work with a no-name company.

Pacific Shores Windows & Doors only sells windows manufactured by the biggest and best window manufacturers in the country. You’ll love what a company like Milgard has to offer when you arrange to do Orange, CA window replacement through us. Contact us now to discover more about what makes a brand like Milgard so trusted within the window industry.

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Surprising Things You Need to Know About Vinyl Replacement Windows

At this point, you might think that you know almost everything there is to know about vinyl windows. Vinyl windows have become the go-to option for many homeowners when buying replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, and as a result, people are more informed about them than ever before. But there are some surprising things about vinyl replacement windows that you might not know about just yet. Learn more about these things below as you try to figure out whether or not vinyl windows are the best option for your home.

All vinyl windows are not created equal.

If you’ve seen one set of vinyl Anaheim, CA windows, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! Although most vinyl windows will look the same to the naked eye, each individual vinyl window manufacturer makes their windows in a slightly different way. Because of this vinyl windows made by a company like Milgard will perform a lot differently than vinyl windows made by another company. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re trying to settle on the vinyl windows that you want.

Vinyl windows require next to no maintenance.

A company like Milgard won’t use low-quality products when manufacturing their windows. Instead, they’ll use high-quality polyvinyl chloride along with special additives that are made to make their windows as maintenance-free as possible. If you hate the idea of spending your Saturday afternoons cleaning all the windows in your house, you’ll love what vinyl windows bring to the table. They’ll prevent you from having to clean them much at all.

Vinyl windows can be used to make a home more energy-efficient.

In addition to making their vinyl windows maintenance-free, Milgard also goes above and beyond to set them up with special insulating properties. The compound that they use to create their vinyl windows allows them to insulate homes better than they would otherwise. This will, in turn, help you to insulate your home as a whole more effectively when you put them into place in it. You’ll be able to make your home very energy-efficient through the usage of their vinyl windows.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

Vinyl windows remain the most cost-effective kind of windows on the market today.

In theory, you might think that the price of vinyl windows would have spiked by now seeing how popular they’ve become. But in spite of all the surprising advantages that come along with vinyl windows, the biggest surprise when it comes to them might be that they remain the most affordable windows on the market. You shouldn’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on them when you have them installed in your home.

Would you like to experience all of the surprising benefits of vinyl replacement windows for yourself? If so, Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can tell you more about vinyl windows and help you with your upcoming Anaheim, CA window replacement project. Call us today to get more information on the Milgard vinyl windows that we have in stock as of right now.

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When Should You Start Shopping for Replacement Windows for a Home?

If you can avoid doing it, you should not wait until the last minute to start shopping for replacement windows in Orange, CA. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re forced to buy windows that you might not like. Instead, you should start shopping for replacement windows well in advance of when you’ll actually need them. It’ll make it so much easier for you to land on new windows that you know that’ll love. Here are several instances in which you should begin the window shopping process.

When you realize your current windows are starting to get old

The good news for homeowners is that most Orange, CA windows are going to last for a very long time. But when your windows begin to get up there in age, you aren’t going to want to keep them for much longer. You should start shopping around for new ones once your current windows hit the 25- or 30-year mark. You’re probably not going to be able to push them a whole lot further than that, so you should have window replacement on your radar.

When you notice that your current windows are going out of style

If you’ve had your current windows for a long time now, they might not fit the style of your home that well anymore. This is going to be another situation where you’ll want to start shopping around for new windows. You might not need to replace them immediately as long as they’re still in decent shape. But you’re also not going to want to keep them around forever if they clash with everything else in your home. You’ll need to see what else is out there and mentally prepare for the window replacement process.

When you see that your current windows are causing your utility bills to spike

Every month, you should take a good, long look at your utility bills and see what you can do to bring them down. You should also keep your eyes peeled for any sudden jumps in your utility bills. It could indicate that your home’s current windows are allowing air to leak in and out of your house, which may bring about higher utility bills. If you suspect that your windows might be forcing you to pay more for electricity than you should, it’ll be up to you to start shopping for more energy-efficient ones.

When you plan on selling your home and don’t want to leave your current windows in itreplacement windows in Orange, CA

If you know that you’re going to be selling your home within the next year or so and you have older windows in it, you may want to strongly consider changing that before putting it up on the market. Old windows might turn some buyers off. New windows, on the other hand, will prove to be an excellent selling feature and could help you command more money for your home. You should shop for new windows for your home for a little while and see which ones can ultimately provide you with the most bang for your buck.

Are you going to begin shopping for new windows sometime soon? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can start to show you some of the different options that you’re going to have. We’ll work with you to narrow down these options to ensure you buy the right windows in the end. Give us a call for all your Orange, CA window replacement needs.

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Regrets Some Homeowners Have After Installing Replacement Windows

After you’re done installing replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, the last thing that you want to have is regrets. You don’t want to regret a single thing about the window replacement process. And yet, there are many regrets that homeowners often have after working their way through the process. You’re going to have to work extra hard to avoid them at all costs. Today, we’re going to explore some of these regrets so that you’re hopefully able to avoid them. Check out a few of the most common regrets that homeowners have after installing replacement windows below.

Choosing the wrong type of replacement windows

When you first start shopping around for new Anaheim, CA windows, you’re going to be amazed to see how many different types there are. There are vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum windows. There are also single-hung, double-hung, sliding, awning, and bay windows. You should set out to find the very best replacement windows for your specific home. It’ll ensure that you don’t regret buying a specific type of replacement windows down the line.

Hiring the wrong window replacement company

Outside of the fact that there are many different types of replacement windows for you to choose from, there are also quite a few different window replacement companies that can provide you with them. You should choose wisely when you’re on the hunt for one. You should search for a window replacement company that has a wealth of experience, a wide range of window options, and prices on windows that you know you can afford. You’re going to regret hiring the wrong window replacement company if you happen to do it since they won’t always supply you with the right windows or put them into place in the right way.

Installing replacement windows at the wrong time

Did you know that there are certain times throughout the year that are better for window replacement projects than others? In a perfect world, you want to install replacement windows when the temperatures are at their mildest. You also want to try and pick a time to replace windows when you know that window replacement companies aren’t going to be too busy. They’ll be able to devote more attention to you and make sure that you love the way in which your replacement windows are installed.

Failing to prepare a home for the window replacement processreplacement windows in Anaheim, CA

If you don’t prepare your home for the window replacement process at all, we can pretty much promise that you’re going to come to regret it later on. Your window replacement company is going to have to work hard to move things away from your windows and to clear paths through your home so that they can maneuver windows in and out of it. It’s going to make the window replacement process drag on longer than it should. You can prevent this from happening by preparing your home accordingly for replacement windows.

You don’t want to have any regrets after installing replacement windows, do you? Of course you don’t. And Pacific Shores Windows & Doors is here to see to it that you don’t regret a single thing following your upcoming Anaheim, CA window replacement project. Reach out to us today to see how we can make window replacement go smoothly for you.

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What to Do When You Want to Replace a Broken Window in Your Home

Is one of the windows in your home broken? If so, you should make it a point to fix it as fast as you can. A broken window is going to let air leak in and out of your home at almost all times. It’s also going to serve as a security risk if you’re not careful. For these reasons, you should look for a company that specializes in installing replacement windows in Orange, CA to help you replace it. Here are the specific steps you should take when replacing a broken window in your home.

Start by coming up with a budget for a replacement window.

Before you even think about installing a new Orange, CA window in your home, you should create a budget for your replacement window. You should consider how much you can afford to spend on a new window and vow to stick to whatever budget you create. If you don’t do this, you could very well end up spending way more than you may have planned to on a new window for your home.

Search for a replacement window company to assist you.

Once you have a budget for a replacement window in place, you can start your search for a replacement window company. You should Google “replacement windows near me” and see the names of the different companies that pop up. You should then do your homework on each of these companies so that you’re able to find one that looks like they’ll be a good fit. They should have a lot of experience in the window industry, a large selection of windows to choose from, and window prices that simply can’t be beaten.

Look for a replacement window made by a trusted manufacturer.

After you locate a window replacement company that you know you can rely on, you can begin to shop for a replacement window through them. While you’re doing it, you should make it your mission to look for a replacement window that is made by one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. A window from a manufacturer like this is going to last you a long time. It’s also going to come with an extended warranty that will ensure that you don’t have to worry about paying to repair or replace it again anytime soon.

replacement windows in Orange, CA

Make sure your replacement window is put into place properly.

Some homeowners get it into their heads that they’re going to install replacement windows on their own to save a few bucks. You can do this if you know exactly what you’re doing, but if you don’t, you should leave it up to the professionals. A window replacement company will be able to put your new window into place in the right way. This will guarantee that it works the way it’s supposed to. It’ll also keep the warranty on your new window intact.

Do you have a broken window in your home that you’ve been meaning to replace? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can help you do it when you call on us to be your Orange, CA window replacement company. We can show you the different windows that we have in stock and assist you in picking out the right one for your home. Contact us today to get started.

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Factors to Consider When Hiring A Window Replacement Company

If your home is in serious need of replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, you shouldn’t have a ton of trouble finding window replacement companies to help you. They’re scattered around all over the place. But before you trust a company to come in and install replacement windows for you, you should make sure that they’re up for the challenge. Check out some of the key factors that you’ll want to consider when hiring a window replacement company to assist you.


Many window replacement companies will say that they’re located in the Anaheim area. But this isn’t always the case! Their headquarters might be an hour or more outside of the city. You’re going to want to make sure that you bring a true Anaheim, CA window replacement company on board to lend a hand to you. It’ll ensure that they’re able to make it out to your home without any issues.


In addition to seeing exactly where a window replacement company is located, you should also take a look at how much experience they have. The more experience that they have, the better. An experienced window replacement company is going to know the ins and outs of replacing the windows in a home. You won’t have to be concerned about them making any mistakes while they’re doing it.


Prior to agreeing to work with a window replacement company, you should always, always, always read through some of the online reviews that people have left for them. If these reviews aren’t all positive, it should serve as a big red flag for you. You don’t ever want to work with a window replacement company that has a lot of negative reviews. It’s going to indicate that they might not be the best fit for you and your home.


Some of the newer window replacement companies have a limited selection when it comes to replacement windows. You’ll want to shy away from working with them and work with a company that has a huge inventory of windows that they can show you. It’ll guarantee that you’re able to find replacement windows that you will absolutely love for your house.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA


Cost is, far too often, the first and sometimes the only factor that homeowners consider when purchasing replacement windows. You shouldn’t necessarily allow it to be the only factor that you think about. But at the same time, it is something that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for replacement windows. You should come up with a budget for yourself and find a company that’ll help you stick to it.

When you carefully consider each of these factors, you’ll find that Pacific Shores Windows & Doors is one of the best window replacement companies around. We have a wide selection of great Anaheim, CA windows for you to choose from. We also have the expertise that it takes to install them in the right way. Call us today for all your window replacement needs.

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What to Do While Walking Around in a Replacement Window Showroom

When you have replacement windows in Orange, CA installed in your home, you’re going to be making a relatively large investment in them. So before you pick out the windows that you want, you should make sure that you’re able to see all your different options. One great way to look at the options available to you is by visiting a replacement window showroom. It’ll help you make a much better decision as far as which windows you want to install in your home. Find out what you should do while walking around in a showroom looking at replacement windows.

Start by looking for the largest replacement window showroom in your area.

If you’re going to go through the trouble of visiting a replacement window showroom, do yourself a favor and find one of the largest showrooms in your area. Ideally, you want to visit the biggest one around so that you’re able to see all of the different Orange, CA windows that are on the market today. The last thing you want to do is go to a smaller showroom and miss out on windows that would be perfect for your house.

Focus on the specific type of windows that you want to buy.

You’re more than welcome to look at whatever type of windows that you want when you’re visiting a window showroom. But if possible, you should try to focus your search on just the type of windows that you know would be right for your home. Whether you’re going to buy vinyl windows, wood windows, aluminum windows, or some other kind of windows, you should spend most of your time looking at them. It’ll make your final decision a little easier when you take this approach to window shopping.

Get up close and personal with replacement windows and see how they work.

The great thing about shopping for replacement windows in a showroom as opposed to shopping for them in a catalog is that you’ll get to touch them and put them to the test if you want. Rather than having to wait until your new windows are installed in your home to see how they work, you can play around with them in a showroom to see if you like how they operate. You should be able to locate windows that you love to open and close by spending some time using them.

replacement windows in Orange CA

Ask any questions you might have about windows to a window specialist.

While you’re walking around in a replacement window showroom, you’re inevitably going to cross paths with different window specialists. You shouldn’t be shy about asking them any questions that you might have about some of the windows you’ve seen. They should be equipped to set you up with the answers that you need. They should also be prepared to help you purchase new windows for your home once you find the ones that you like the most.

Pacific Shores Windows & Doors has one of the largest Orange, CA replacement window showrooms in Southern California. We invite you to come down to it to browse through some of the windows that we have for sale. Give us a call now to get more information on our showroom.

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The Keys to Searching for a Reputable Window Replacement Company

Any time you’re going to have replacement windows in Anaheim, CA installed in your home, you want to work exclusively with one of the very best window replacement companies in your community. Ideally, you want to have the most reputable window replacement company on your side to ensure the job gets done right. But how can you track down the right company for your project? Today, we’re going to touch on some of the keys to searching for a reputable window replacement company. Learn about them below.

Start your search for a reputable window replacement company early.

If you want to make sure that you end up with a reputable window replacement company in your corner in the end, you’re going to need to kickstart your search for one as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute to locate a window replacement company, you’re going to be more likely to just hire the first decent company you can find. The more time you’re able to give yourself, the greater your chances of landing on an excellent window replacement company when everything is all said and done.

Ask your family members and friends for window replacement company suggestions.

When you’re getting your search for a reputable window replacement company off the ground, it’s always a smart idea to begin by asking your family members and friends for recommendations. Ideally, they’re going to be able to set you up with a handful of good suggestions and first-hand knowledge on local Anaheim, CA window replacement companies. It’ll make you feel better about calling on some of the companies to get estimates from them.

Read the online reviews people have left for the window replacement companies in your area.

In addition to asking your family members and friends to provide you with the names of some great window replacement companies in your area, you should also read online reviews that others have left for them. When you do this, you should be able to spot some patterns as far as which companies have the most positive reviews from their past customers. This will shed a whole lot of light on which companies are worth your time based on their reputations.

replacement windows in Anaheim CA

Do your homework on window replacement companies before hiring them.

While it’s important to ask others how they feel about local window replacement companies, it’s just as important for you to do your own homework on them. You should visit the websites of each company that you’re considering to find out what they bring to the table. Pay close attention to how long companies have been in business and which window manufacturers they work with. These things are going to tell you a lot about whether or not you can trust different companies.

You don’t want to let just any window replacement company install new Anaheim, CA windows in your home. You want a company with a stellar reputation in your community working on your behalf. Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can serve as that company for you. Reach out to us to discover what makes our window replacement company so special.

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Why Installing Replacement Windows Properly Is So Important

When you’re installing replacement windows in Orange, CA, you don’t ever want to attempt to do it yourself. You also don’t ever want to hire inexperienced window installers to put new windows into place for you. If you do either of these things, it could result in you not installing your replacement windows in the right way. And this could lead to some real issues for you. Check out why installing replacement windows properly is so important below.

It ensures that your replacement windows look great.

When you have new Orange, CA windows in your home, they should look absolutely amazing once they’re put into place. But they’re not going to look so good if they’re not installed properly. In fact, there is a chance that they might look worse than your old windows if window installers really do a bad job with them. You’re not going to be proud to show your windows off when this is the case.

It stops moisture and air from leaking into your home through your replacement windows.

One of the big advantages of installing replacement windows in your home is that they’ll keep moisture and air out better than your old windows. It’ll make your home more energy-efficient as a whole and protect your home in ways that your old windows couldn’t. But they may not be capable of doing this if they’re installed improperly. They might let plenty of moisture and air sneak into your home unimpeded. It’s another reason to leave window replacement up to the experienced professionals.

It prevents insects and other pests from gaining access to your home through your replacement windows.

If your replacement windows aren’t installed in the way that they’re supposed to be, you might have more than just moisture and air getting into your home through them. You may also have insects and pests treating them like revolving doors and coming and going as they please. This is going to have a big impact on your home. You can steer clear of finding yourself in this situation by making sure that you have your replacement windows installed properly.

It helps your replacement windows to maintain their value.replacement windows in Orange, CA

A surprising benefit of installing replacement windows in your home is that they’re going to add a whole lot of value to it. Replacement windows offer one of the best returns on investment around. But you’re not going to be treated to the kind of return on investment that you deserve if you have shoddy work done during the window replacement process. You’ll only get a great return on investment when the job gets done right.

Do you want to be 100 percent certain that your home’s new windows are installed properly during your Orange, CA window replacement project? Then you need a company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors on your side. We’ll make everything go smoothly during your window replacement and leave you with windows that look incredible. Contact us to schedule an in-home window consultation with one of our experts.

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Tricks to Help Make Your Window Replacement Project a Success

Is your goal to install replacement windows in Anaheim, CA without encountering any stress along the way? It’s going to be almost impossible to eliminate all the stress that’s commonly associated with tackling window replacement, but you should be able to get rid of most of it by using a few simple tricks. They’re designed to make the entire window replacement process go so much smoother than it would otherwise. Take a look at these tricks below and be sure you put them to good use the next time you need new windows.

Start by tracking down one of the most experienced window replacement companies around.

When you need to hire an Anaheim, CA window replacement company, there won’t be any shortage of options. There are so many companies that can lend a hand to you. But you don’t want to hire just anyone to install new windows for you. You want to bring the most experienced company around on board. Don’t be shy about trying to find a company with at least 25 years of experience, if not more.

Purchase windows made by one of the best manufacturers in the business.

While you’re shopping around for replacement windows, you might be tempted to cut corners and order windows from some no-name company to save a few bucks. Resist the urge to do this! Instead, you should always invest in replacement windows made by one of the best window manufacturers around. It’ll guarantee that you get high-quality windows that will stand the test of time in the end. It’ll be one of the best decisions you make while buying replacement windows.

Take advantage of any coupons that you can find for replacement windows.

You’re probably well aware of the fact that you can use coupons to buy just about anything these days. But you might not think that this applies to replacement windows. It does, though! You can save yourself a nice chunk of change by purchasing replacement windows with coupons. You can also save money on them by shopping around for them at the right times. You might want to look into buying them during a slower time of the year for window companies to get the best possible prices.

Get your house ready before window installers show up to install replacement windows.replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

If window installers show up at your home to put new windows into place and your house is a mess, it’s going to make your window replacement project drag out for longer than it has to. Rather than leaving your home as-is for window installers, you should clean up your house and remove anything that might be in front of your windows. It’ll make life easier on your window installers and help them finish off the job sooner than later.

The trick to replacing the Anaheim, CA windows in your home successfully is calling on a company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors to assist you. We’ve been replacing windows in homes for a long time now and can help you make your next window replacement project a total success. Call us today to hear more about our products and services.

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