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Complete Guide on Getting Your Home Ready for Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in Orange, CA can be a lot more intense than people think. From picking out the right windows to actually putting those windows into place, it can take a toll on homeowners if they’re not careful. If you want to avoid getting stressed out during the window replacement process, you should choose the right windows for your home and then take the right steps to prepare your house for them. Here is a helpful guide that will allow you to get your home ready for your replacement windows.

Begin by finding the right time to install replacement windows.

When you’re having new Orange, CA windows installed in your home, the last thing you want to do is attempt to do it when you have a house full of people. This is going to make window replacement a lot more difficult than it has to be. Instead, you should try to find a time when you and your family don’t have to be inside your home. This will give window installers the room they’ll need to work while also eliminating any disturbances that you and your family would have to face while staying in a home during window replacement.

Remove any clutter from around the inside and outside of your windows.

Once you know when you’re going to have new windows installed in your home, the next thing you’ll want to do is clean up the areas surrounding your home’s windows. That includes removing debris from around the outside of your windows and pushing furniture away from the inside of your windows. By doing this, you’ll give window installers plenty of space to operate. They’ll be able to pop your old windows out and put your new windows in without running into any major issues.

Create paths within your home for your window installers.

When window installers show up at your home, they’re going to need to carry windows and tools throughout the interior of your house. To do this, they’re going to need to have clear paths. You should create these paths for them so that they don’t have to take any time to do it themselves later on. You should also put away anything that could prove to be a potential tripping hazard. It’ll prevent window installers from falling inside your home while carrying heavy windows and tools around.

replacement windows in Orange, CA

Prepare to stay out of the way when your window installers arrive.

If you’re going to be inside your home while you’re having new windows installed, you should do your best to stay out of the way of window installers. You can, of course, touch base with your window installers from time to time to see how everything is moving along. But generally speaking, you should try not to get into their way too often. It’ll help them keep the window replacement process moving right along and limit the amount of time they have to spend inside your home.

Want to get more tips on preparing your home for an Orange, CA window replacement project? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can set you up with them when you bring us on board to replace your windows. Give us a call today to begin shopping around for replacement windows for your house.

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Why You Should Consider Choosing Aluminum Replacement Windows

When you’re in the market for replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, vinyl and wood windows will usually be the first two types of windows that you’ll consider. Reason being, they’ve become the two most popular types of windows over time, so a lot of people almost feel like they have to go with them. You can, however, go with another type of window, like aluminum windows. They’re an excellent option that are, at the very least, worth considering for your home. Discover why aluminum windows might work best for your home below.

They’re very durable and designed to last for a long time.

When you take a look at Anaheim, CA aluminum windows, one of the first things you’ll notice is how strong and durable they are. They’re every bit as strong as any of the other types of windows that are out there. As a result, aluminum windows are going to last you for a long, long time in your home. You aren’t going to have to be worried one bit about replacing your windows anytime soon when you go with aluminum windows in your house.

They have a very subtle and slim profile.

Another thing that you’ll notice when you’re sifting through aluminum windows is that they have very slim frames on them that don’t take up as much space as the frames on other types of windows. This gives them a very subtle profile and creates narrower sight lines from all the different angles inside and outside your home. You won’t have to be concerned about your windows blocking the views from your home thanks to the slim profiles on aluminum windows.

They require next to no maintenance once they’re installed.

Once you have window replacement done in your home, you don’t want to have to spend hours every week working to clean and maintain your windows, do you? Of course not. That would be a real drag. And fortunately, you’re not going to have to worry about doing much maintenance at all on aluminum windows. Aluminum windows are pretty much as low maintenance as it gets. You’ll get to experience this for yourself after putting new aluminum windows into place in your home.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

They’re different and will make your home look unique.

As we mentioned earlier, vinyl and wood windows are easily the two most popular types of windows among homeowners. This means that it’s rare to walk into a home and see anything other than vinyl and wood windows. You can make your home look more unique than other homes by going with windows that people don’t see every day. You’ll make your home stand out a little more than it does by incorporating aluminum windows into the mix as opposed to vinyl or wood windows.

Are you interested in installing aluminum windows in your home during your next Anaheim, CA window replacement project? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors has a large selection of aluminum windows that would work well in most homes. Reach out to us now to find out more about aluminum windows and to see some of the aluminum windows that we have in stock at the moment.

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Top Factors That Will Impact the Price of Replacement Windows

One of the things that homeowners often wonder about when shopping for replacement windows in Orange, CA is, “How much are they going to cost me?” If you’ve never had to buy new windows for a house before, you might be unsure of what price you’re going to have to pay for them. It would be difficult for us to sit here and tell you exactly what replacement windows will run you. But we can break down some of the top factors that are going to impact the cost of replacement windows. Learn about them below.

The type of windows you want

When you begin shopping for Orange, CA windows, you’ll have to decide what type of windows you want. Do you want to go with vinyl windows, wood windows, fiberglass windows, aluminum windows, or something else entirely? This is going to have a huge impact on what your new windows will cost you in the end. Vinyl windows tend to be the most cost-effective option of all the windows that we just mentioned. But you can get a better idea of what each one will cost you by speaking with a window specialist.

The manufacturer of windows

The window and door industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years or so. As a result of this, there are so many window companies out there now that manufacture windows. The specific manufacturer that makes windows is going to help determine what those windows will cost to some degree. A lot of the bigger, more well-known window manufacturers charge a little extra for replacement windows. Some of the newer manufacturers, meanwhile, offer more affordable options. You’ll have to decide which manufacturer you want to go with in order to get a better grasp of what windows will cost you.

replacement windows in Orange, CA

The warranty on windows

Just about all of the window manufacturers out there today offer some kind of warranty on their windows. But not all of them offer the lifetime warranty that you’ll find on the very best windows. These warranties tend to come on the windows made by the top manufacturers, which helps explain why they’re a little more expensive in the end. You might want to consider going with these windows since they’ll ensure you don’t ever have to worry about repairing your windows on your own dime. They’ll often prove to be well worth the extra investment you’ll have to make in them at the start.

The cost of window installation

Once you have new windows for your home all picked out, you’re going to have to pay a window installation company to put them into place for you. It’ll guarantee that your windows get installed the right way and keep the warranty on your windows intact. You will, however, have to prepare to pay different amounts of money to different installers. You should look around for installers who will do a great job installing windows for you without charging you an arm and a leg to do it.

Do you want to avoid breaking the bank while doing Orange, CA window replacement? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can help make this possible for you. We offer windows from all the top manufacturers at great prices. We also offer excellent window installation services that won’t cost you a small fortune. Contact us today to begin shopping for replacement windows for your home through us.

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Buying Replacement Windows at a Home Improvement Store: Bad Idea?

Preparing to shop around for replacement windows in Orange, CA? Your first instinct might be to run down to your local home improvement store to see what they have in stock. You shop there for almost all of your other home improvement supplies, so why not shop there for windows, too? In theory, this might seem like a good idea. But upon further review, it’s almost never smart to shop for windows at a home improvement store. You should do it at a window replacement store instead. Here are some reasons why. 


Home improvement stores don’t always have a large selection of windows. 

When you shop for Orange, CA windows at a home improvement store, you’re usually going to be left asking just one question: “This is it?” These stores aren’t known for having a large selection of replacement windows. In fact, they might only have a few window options for those in the market for them. You deserve to have as many options as possible, which is why it makes so much sense to shop for windows through a window replacement store. They’ll carry tons of options in their store and give you access to windows that they don’t currently have in stock, too. 


They also don’t always offer windows from a variety of trusted vendors. 

When you go to buy new windows for your home, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for them in a lot of cases. So you want to make sure that the windows you purchase are from trusted vendors that have earned a reputation for manufacturing windows. You won’t always be able to do this through home improvement stores since they don’t have close working relationships with the best vendors in the business. You’ll need to go through a window replacement store to find windows from the most trusted vendors around. 


They don’t offer the best prices on high-quality windows. 

Although you’re going to need to be prepared to make an investment in windows for your home, you shouldn’t be forced to spend a small fortune to do window replacement. Many home improvement stores are going to put you in a position where you’ll have to pay a lot of money to replace your windows, though. Window replacement stores, on the other hand, will work tirelessly to get you the best deal possible on new windows. It’ll ensure that you’re making a smart investment when replacing windows. 

replacement windows in Orange, CA

They won’t usually install the windows that they sell on their own. 

The window installers that you hire to install new windows in your home are every bit as important as the windows themselves. If you bring the wrong installers on board to do window replacement for you, you could end up paying the price for it later. Unfortunately, most home improvement stores aren’t going to set you up with experienced installers to help you put new windows into place. They’ll hire a third-party company to install your new windows. You’ll be in better hands with a window replacement store that handles your window installation themselves. They’ll make sure the job gets done right from start to finish so that you love your windows when they’re installed. 


Why buy windows through a home improvement store when you can have a company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors lend a hand with Orange, CA window replacement? Give us a call today to begin the process of installing new windows in your home. 

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How to Find Inspiration When Searching for Replacement Windows

Are you beginning to shop around for replacement windows in Anaheim, CA and looking for some inspiration to help you out along the way? The good news is that there are so many different places that you can look for it. You can find all kinds of great ideas when it comes to window replacement and make your search so much simpler than it would be otherwise. Check out how to find inspiration for your window shopping experience below.

Start by turning to window replacement blogs for help.

If it’s starting to feel like there’s a blog out there for almost everything these days, that’s because there is! There are blogs set up on almost every subject under the sun, and that includes Anaheim, CA window replacement. You should scroll through as many blog articles on window replacement as you can to get ideas on which windows you should buy for your home. You can learn more about the various types of windows and get some sense of what you want the new windows that you put in your home to look and feel like.

Sift through social media to get great window replacement ideas.

In addition to reading through blogs to get inspiration for your home’s new windows, you should also see how social media can help you with the process. More specifically, you should sign up for a Pinterest account and spend some time sifting through all the window replacement photos and posts that you can track down. You’ll be able to see suggestions that you might not have even considered without having social media on your side.

Take a walk around your neighborhood to see what kinds of windows you can find.

You’ve probably walked around your neighborhood hundreds of times in the past. But there’s a good chance that you’ve never paid close attention to what kinds of windows your neighbors have. Now that you’re in the market for new windows, though, you should look at your neighbors’ houses a little closer and check out what types of windows they’ve chosen to go with. You might see one or two particular kinds of windows that you really like for your home by taking this approach.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

Turn to the best window replacement company in your area for ideas.

The best window replacement company in your area should be able to do more than just sell you replacement windows. They should also be prepared to provide you with plenty of ideas as far as window installation is concerned. They can help you do everything from pick out the right type of windows to settle on what size windows you want for your house. You shouldn’t have any issues finding inspiration for window replacement with them in your corner.

Looking for a little extra inspiration when shopping for Anaheim, CA windows? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can set you up with it when you call on us for assistance while window shopping. We would be happy to show you some windows we’ve installed in the past and help you generate ideas for your home’s window replacement project. Reach out to us today to get started.

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Is It Worth Installing Replacement Windows? Why the Answer Is “Yes!”

Is your home in desperate need of replacement windows in Orange, CA right now? If so, you might be putting it off at the moment. You also might be asking yourself, “Does my home really need new windows?”, and wondering if it’s worth it. Not everyone is up for the challenge of putting new windows into their home. But you should know that it is worth it and that you should definitely consider doing it sooner rather than later. Take a look at some of the top reasons why you should do window replacement as soon as you can once your old windows start to give out on you.

It’ll make the exterior of your home look so much better.

One of the first things that you’re going to notice about your home when you have new Orange, CA windows installed in it is how much better the curb appeal of it is. You’re going to notice a big difference in the way that your home looks after your new windows are in place. Even if your home is on the older side, new windows are going to breathe some life back into it and make it look more modern than it does now.

It’ll improve the energy efficiency of your home.

In addition to making the exterior of your home look better, installing new windows in it will also make the interior of it look better. Plus, it’ll give your home’s energy efficiency a big boost after everything is all said and done. Whether you go with vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum windows, you’re going to seal up your home better with new windows and make it more insulated than it has been in years. This should cut your energy bills down to size and keep your home the right temperature all year round.

replacement windows in Orange, CA

It’ll make your home safer and more secure.

You might not realize this right now, but your old windows could be putting your safety and the safety of your entire family at risk. Every time you go to open and close old windows, you’re going to have to struggle with them, which could lead to you sustaining an injury. Your old windows might not lock properly, and that could increase the chances of someone breaking into your home at some point down the line. You’ll feel so much safer and more secure when you have replacement windows put into place.

It’ll add a whole lot of value to your home.

Some people are afraid to spend a bunch of money on new windows for their home. But here’s something worth considering: When you spend money on windows for your house, you’ll also increase the value of your home exponentially. In fact, installing new windows in a home will offer one of the best returns on investment that you’ll get when compared to other home improvement jobs. It makes installing new windows in your home a financially responsible decision in most cases.

Still on the fence as far as whether or not you want to install new windows in your home? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can speak with you about the Orange, CA window replacement process and help you navigate your way through it if you decide that you want new windows. Contact us today to set up a window consultation.

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What Are the Best Replacement Windows to Install in Your Home?

When you kickstart the process of shopping for replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are just so many different options for you to choose from. To determine which of them would be best for your home, you should learn about the options that you’ll have and then choose the one that’s going to work well based on the look and feel of your home. You should also keep things like your budget in mind when conducting a search for replacement windows. Check out some of the best options that you’ll have below.

Vinyl windows

Is one of your main goals when installing new Anaheim, CA windows to make your home more energy-efficient in this process? Then you’ll love what vinyl windows have to offer. They’ll give your home’s energy efficiency a big boost in no time at all. Vinyl windows are also known for being durable and maintenance-free, and they’ll stand the test of time for you. Additionally, you can find vinyl windows in a wide range of colors these days, which makes them an ideal choice for any home.

Wood windows

Would you like to make the interior of your home look and feel warmer than it does right now? This will be simple to do when you have wood windows installed in it. There are a bunch of different solid wood grains that you can choose from when you buy wood windows, and they’ll all add some much-needed warmth to your home. You can also count on wood windows to make your home more energy-efficient just like vinyl windows will since wood windows have insulating properties. You can’t go wrong with these classic windows.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

Fiberglass windows

While vinyl and wood windows are probably the two most popular window types on the market today, fiberglass windows are starting to gain in popularity for many reasons. People love the fact that fiberglass windows require little to no maintenance. They also love that they’re paintable and that they can hold very large pieces of glass in them since they’re incredibly strong. Don’t sleep on the benefits that will come with these kinds of windows.

Aluminum windows

A lot of architects and interior designers have fallen in love with aluminum windows in recent years, and it’s pretty easy to see why. They have a very slim profile that allows them to add a modern look to any home. They’re also durable just like some of the other window types that we’ve talked about here, and they don’t call for much maintenance once you have them installed. They’re another terrific option for anyone searching for replacement windows.

Which of these types of windows would work best in your home? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can help you decide when you count on us to lend a hand with Anaheim, CA window replacement. We’ll talk you through each of these options and tell you more about them. Call us now to start shopping around for new windows for your home.

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Is It a Bad Idea to Install Replacement Windows One at a Time?

There are some people who don’t think it would be possible for them to install replacement windows in Orange, CA all throughout their homes. So rather than replacing all their windows at once, they choose to do it one at a time. In theory, this might sound like a good idea, but it’s almost never the best option for those who are in need of all new windows within their house. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you shouldn’t take this approach to window replacement. 


It’ll be inconvenient replacing windows one at a time. 

If you have all the Orange, CA windows in your home replaced at once, it’ll only take a day or two for window installers to put them all into place. But if you have windows replaced one at a time, you’ll have to do window replacement over the course of many, many days. This will prove to be inconvenient for you since you’ll likely have to take off work each time window installers come to your home. You’ll be better getting the whole house all knocked out at once. 


It won’t allow you to enjoy all the benefits of installing replacement windows. 

When you have all new windows installed throughout your house, it’ll make it more energy efficient as a whole. It’ll also improve the safety and security of your home and make it so easy for everyone in your family to open and close your windows. But you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits if you don’t have all your windows replaced at once. You won’t be able to enjoy them until all your windows have been replaced one by one, which could take quite some time. 


It’ll cost you more money over the long run. 

Most of the window companies out there will provide homeowners with a discount on window replacement when they replace all their windows at once as opposed to doing it one at a time. The price that you pay per window will often be a lot lower than you commit to replacing every window in your home rather than stretching the job out over many months or even years. It might not feel like you’re getting a discount initially, but it will save you a ton of money over the long run.  


It’ll cause some of your windows to wear out sooner than others down the line. 

If you don’t replace every single window in your home at the same time, then you’re going to have windows throughout your house wearing out unevenly in the future. In 15 or 20 years, you’re going to have some windows that are still pretty much new and others that have seen better days. It could cause complications when it comes time to do window replacement again. This might not be something you care too much about now. But it could be something that puts you into a tough spot if you’re still in your current home in a couple of decades. 


Would you like to have all your home’s windows replaced right now? Pacific Shores Windows & Doors can help you take on an Orange, CA window replacement project. We can show you a variety of replacement windows and put them into place for you. Give us a call to arrange to have a window consultation with one of our window specialists. 

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A Guide to Eliminating Stress When Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in Anaheim, CA is going to be one of the biggest home improvement projects that you ever take on. As a result, it can get to be very stressful at times. There might even be times when you feel overwhelmed by the process and wish you had never made the decision to install new windows in your home. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent these times from popping up. Here are some ways to eliminate stress when you’re working your way through the window replacement process. 


Choose the right time to install new windows. 

Do you have a million and one other things going on in your life right now? If so, it’s probably not the best time to have new Anaheim, CA windows installed. Installing new windows in your home is going to be a pretty intense process, so it’s best to do it at a time when your schedule is open otherwise. This will allow you to spend all your time focusing on getting your window replacement project done. It’ll reduce the stress that you feel while it’s going on. 


Purchase the right windows through a reputable window company. 

One of the ways to ensure that you feel good throughout the window replacement process is by working with a reputable window company and buying the right windows from them. The right company will make sure that you have access to the best windows in the business. They’ll also make sure that your new windows are installed in the right way when you bring them on board for your window replacement project. 

replacement windows in Anaheim, CA


Make the right preparations for your new windows. 

By hiring a great window company to install new windows for you, you’ll put yourself into a great position. You’ll feel good about them coming in and doing whatever it takes to get your new windows installed quickly and properly. But you can feel even better about things by preparing your home for your window installation. You can do this by clearing away debris from the outside of your windows and moving furniture away from the inside of them. You can also do it by creating paths throughout your home for your window installers to walk. It’ll prevent you from having to do these kinds of things at the last minute. 


Create a budget for your new windows from the start. 

You’re not going to enjoy the window replacement process if you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost you the whole time. With this in mind, you should create a budget for your new windows from the start and vow to stick to it. You should also let your window company know what your budget is so that they can work with you to keep you under it. It’ll play a big part in your ability to stay stress-free while you’re having new windows installed. 


Want to steer clear of stressing out while installing new windows in your home? You can do it by hiring Pacific Shores Windows & Doors to help you with your Anaheim, CA window replacement project. We’ll show you a wide range of great windows for your home and lend a hand in helping you pick out the right ones for each room. Reach out to us today to hear about what else we can do to assist you. 

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Is It Expensive to Install Replacement Windows in a Home?

If you’ve been kicking around the idea of installing replacement windows in Orange, CA, one of the things that might be holding you back from doing it is the perceived cost of window replacement. Some people are under the impression that installing new windows in their home is way out of their price range. In certain instances, it could very well be expensive for someone with a huge home to install new windows in it. But in most cases, you can figure out a way to put replacement windows into place in your home without breaking the bank. Find out how to do it below. 

Start by learning about the most cost-effective windows. 

In this day and age, there are lots of different Orange, CA windows for you to choose from for your home. Some are more affordable than others. Vinyl windows, for example, are an excellent option for those people who want to install new windows in their homes without spending a small fortune. You should consider doing with them if you want to get your hands on great windows at a great price. Just make sure you learn all about them before you commit to buying them. 


Shop for windows through the right window company. 

Once you nail down which type of windows you want for your home, the next thing you should do is start shopping for them through the right window company. Rather than trying to buy new windows at a big-box store or another type of store that doesn’t specialize in selling windows, do it through a reputable window company you know you can trust. They’ll help you track down the best windows for the best price possible. They’ll also make sure your windows are installed properly right from the start. 


Pick the right time of the year to invest in new windows. 

Did you know that you might be able to save some money on replacement windows by shopping for them at the right time of the year? Since most people choose to install new windows in the spring, that’s often when the prices on windows will be at their highest. Instead of shopping for new windows in the spring, you might want to do it in the fall or even the winter. Window companies are usually willing to provide better prices on windows at those times. 


See if you can find any specials on the windows you want. 

Prior to pulling the trigger on replacement windows for your home, you should always look into whether or not there might be any specials available on them at the moment. Most window companies will broadcast special sales they’re having on windows, so don’t be afraid to look out forreplacement windows in Orange, CA them. Check out a company’s website, too, for more information on possible sales. It could cut your window replacement costs down to size quite a bit. 


Taking on an Orange, CA window replacement project doesn’t have to be a huge expense. You could save yourself a lot of money by using the tips found here. By working with a window company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, you’ll be able to stick to a budget while putting replacement windows into place. Contact us now to start shopping for new windows for your home. 

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