You’ve heard about their many benefits and you’re finally ready to have vinyl windows installed in your home. Excellent! First, it’s important to remember that while many vinyl window models offer enhanced energy efficiency, security and durability, not all vinyl windows are created equal. You’ll want to look for vinyl windows from a trusted manufacturer that can fulfill the specific needs of your household. Here, we will be discussing some important factors to keep in mind while shopping for vinyl windows for your home.

Look into the Characteristics of the Windows

Vinyl windows are made from a special material called PVC, most commonly known for being used in plumbing and pipes. What you may not know, however, is that PVC is also incredibly weather resistant. This only adds to the durability of your vinyl windows by preventing the formation of drafts and ensures that your vinyl windows have a long shelf life. Still, you’ll have to pay attention to the type of PVC a window model offers as the material comes with its own quality range. If the vinyl windows seem to have a bluish tint, it could be a sign that there isn’t enough titanium dioxide or organic tin within the PVC, which helps maximize durability.

Always Check the Label!

Particularly when shopping for energy efficient vinyl windows, you’ll want to always check the models labels to find it’s R-Values. A windows’ R-Value is similar to the miles per gallon indicator on a vehicle. It’s there to determine the energy efficiency of a window. R-Values range anywhere from 0.9 to 3.0. The larger the number, the more energy efficient the window is. In fact, it’s said that every .3 points a window raises in its R-Value is an extra $100 homeowners can expect to save annually on their energy bills.

Consider the Design of the Window

Finally, the fun part! When vinyl windows were first released, they were only available in a white or cream colors and one particular style. Since then, the material has risen in popularity and manufacturers have responded by creating a wide range of styles and colors. Try to find a style that will create a smooth transition throughout your home and remember if you can’t find the exact color you’re looking for, many manufacturers are willing to provide custom orders on their models.

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