When you are ready to outfit your home with replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, you may be unsure of what type is the best choice. With so many advancements in materials, there are new types of windows that you may not be familiar with; each having its own individual benefits.

Knowing which type of window to install can depend on the location of the window, any specific benefits you are looking for as well as the overall look and style of the space- both inside and outside.

If you are not familiar with frames, this process can all seem a little intimidating. Don’t worry. To help you decide on the new window to install in your replacement window project, here are a few of the most popular choices along with their uses and benefits.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are a good option if you are wanting a frame that is extremely durable. Since they are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) these frames are non-corroding making them virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl frames are a great choice if you don’t want to have to do a lot of care and upkeep to them in the future.

While all vinyl frames may look the same, be aware that they can differ from one company to another. The different compounds that make up the vinyl can be added in different rations to provide very different results. When you are shopping for vinyl frames, make sure you ask questions to ensure you are getting the product and the strength you are after.

Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass windows are a great option if you live in an area with extreme temperature changes in the weather. Since these frames keep their integrity and are resistant to warping and swelling, you can be assured these windows will stay in place and their fit will not be altered by the elements.

Another nice feature of this type is that it can be painted. Of course, they add beauty and style just the way they are and would never have to be painted, however, if you are one who likes to change the style and look of a room frequently, this is a great option for you.

Aluminum Frames

You may see these frames in homes and buildings that have a modern look. Aluminum frames are slim and because of this create narrow, sleek lines. Don’t let the slim look fool you, though, these frames are very durable. These are areplacement windows in Anaheim, CA great choice if you have a beautiful view that you would like to be the focus.

If you live in a certain region, you may see Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows. These windows have a thermal barrier to help reduce the heat that comes in from outside. These are a great energy-efficient option.

Although there are several options to choose from, deciding on the right replacement windows in Anaheim, CA to install in your home or office doesn’t feel overwhelming. Talking to professionals can help you make the best decision. When you call Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, you can be assured our experienced staff will help you select the perfect window for your specific needs. Call and get started today!