When choosing new replacement windows in Orange, CA., you will want to ensure you choose the right material so that your windows stay looking like new for as long as possible. Temperature, humidity, and normal wear and tear can all play a factor in which material you should choose. Not only does function play a role in what windows you choose, design does as well.

For example, if you want to make a statement and elevate the look of your home, black windows would be a wonderful choice. However, not all windows and window models come in black. Finding a window that has the features you want, paired with durability and quality, and also available in black can sometimes be tough to find.

Luckily, if you are a homeowner with your heart set on black windows, good news; the Milgard Ultra Series is a fiberglass window with loads of features and options and is available in four colors, one of those being called Black Bean, which is a beautiful black.

Interior/Exterior Color Options

With the Milgard Ultra Series window, you can choose to have the exterior color and the interior color match (such as both sides being black), or you can have the exterior one color (such as black) and the interior color white.

When the exterior and interior of the window are both black, the Ultra Series uses a powder coat finish. However, when the exterior and interior of the window are different colors, they are painted with a wet coat application.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

With Milgard’s Ultra Series, you are getting so much more than just a pretty black window. Since these windows are fiberglass and will stand up to hot and cold climates, they are much more resistant to warping over time.

Additionally, these windows can reduce your monthly energy bill each month as many models are energy efficient. And, with, each window has been tested for color uniformity, gloss, film thickness and chemical resistance so you can have piece of mind you are getting the best quality windows. Milgard is so certain of their craftmanship, they offer warranties on all their windows.

Hardware to Match

To make the most out of your black windows, having black hardware is crucial. This will allow any hardware to blend in and let the lines of the black window be the focal point. With the hardware being from Milgard, you can be confident that it is durable, safe, and easy to operate. You can also choose from the Positive Action Lock or the optional Cam Lock both of which are available in black.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to consider when choosing your new replacement windows in Orange, CA.. Window function, durability, quality, and design features are all important aspects to consider. When you want the best of both function and design, the Milgard Ultra Series is a great line to check out. Being made from fiberglass will give you the durability you are after, while being available in black will give your home that upscale, modern look that never goes out of style.