Buying new replacement windows in Orange, CA. can be an exciting decision. Afterall, new windows can spruce up your curb appeal, add extra security to you home, and help lower your heating and cooling costs…who wouldn’t be excited? The problem is, in all this excitement, many homeowners overlook or forget important factors that they may regret later. If you are ready to get new replacement windows for your home, check out these common mistakes so you can make sure you don’t make the same ones.

1. Not Asking About or Understanding Warranties

While most window manufactures provide warranties, they can differ as to what they cover. Most will cover any defects in the products, but that may not be enough. If you want to make sure you have adequate warranty coverage, make sure to also talk to window installers about their warranties.

Many installers offer warranties that cover their work. This, along with the window manufacture’s warranties should be enough to keep your windows and installation covered and help give you peace of mind.

2. Not Knowing Your Options

Many times, homeowners may just replace old windows with the same style of new window. This may be because it is what they are used to, or their lack of knowledge of what windows are available.

There are so many window materials, styles, and glass packages to choose from that before you purchase your windows, you should really learn explore all of these options.

3. Selecting a Company with No Good Reviews

Some homeowners are going to place cost and timeframe as high priorities when choosing a company for their window installation. While these are obviously very important factors, you also want to make sure the company has good reviews.

If a company comes in with a price that is under budget, but has no good reviews, it probably isn’t the best decision to go with them. Don’t let the price and timeframe of the bid distract you from the company’s past work and reputation.

4. Trying to Install the Windows Yourself

As a homeowner, you probably have completed several tasks and projects in the past. Maybe some of them were large or complicated and because of this, you are feeling like you can install these new windows without professional help. This is not a good idea.

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There are many things that go into replacing windows so that they are installed correctly for maximum energy efficiency and so they last for years to come. Also, there may be underlying issues that are exposed once the old windows are taken out. These issues will need to be addressed before the new windows are installed. Professional window installers know how to handle these issues and get them resolved quickly.


In Conclusion

Deciding on replacement windows in Orange, CA. is a big decision. With so many things to think about such as what type of windows you should choose, to setting you budget, it’s easy to forget or overlook other key elements. When you are getting ready to add new replacement windows to you home, make sure to take time to cover all your bases to ensure you don’t have any regrets down the line.