Have you ever wanted your own vacation home? If you are like most of us then the answer is probably “yes”. Also, if you are like most of us, then buying a vacation home may be more a dream than a reality (especially with today’s housing market!). However, there is good news. Believe it or not, you can make your current home feel and look like the vacation home of your dreams and the perfect spot for a summer staycation. Providers of replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. share how.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Vacation homes are clean, welcoming, and inviting. They are free of clutter and are a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. To recreate this feeling in your own home, you need to remove any unnecessary items and organize the ones that remain.

Also, hide of all of the daily chores and projects that have to be taken care of such as mail, laundry, grocery lists, to-do projects, etc. You can’t feel like you are on vacation with all of those starring you in the face each day. You might have to get creative for ways to have things go unseen, but end the end, it will be well worth it.

2. Find Inspiration

Think back to one of your favorite hotel stays. What was it about that hotel you loved so much? Was it how they bedroom felt clean and airy? Maybe it was the breakfast bar full of fun breakfast treats. Or perhaps it was the outside sitting area surrounded by flowers that you enjoyed the most.

Think back to that favorite hotel and some of the elements that made it so special. Then, use these elements as inspiration for your own home.

3. Create the Space

Once you have your inspiration, it’s time to create your space. You can choose to remake your entire home into a vacation feel or simply a room or two; the choice is entirely up to you. No matter what room or rooms you choose, some design tips to follow are:

  • Pair down furniture – When you enter a hotel room, the space has the basics and nothing more. You will find a bed, nightstand, dresser, and maybe a nice soft chair. Take this into consideration when designing your bedroom to create that open feel.
  • Keep it simple- Just as with the furniture, you want to keep the pictures and accessories simple and minimal. Be mindful when you are selecting art and decor for the space.
  • Consider the color – Color plays a big role in how we feel. Choose colors for the walls that provide a relaxing, soothing vibe.

  • Let the light in- This is probably the most important tip. Even if you have a beautifully designed space with perfect décor, if it is dark or not well lit, it loses all of its appeal. Allowing the natural sunlight to come in and fill the space instantly elevates the mood and the look and feel of that space. The best way to achieve this is with new replacement windows. Not only will they allow maximum sunlight to come in since they will be new, clean, and clear, but they will allow outside views to be maximized as well (not to mention help keep you cooler).

If you would like more information on new replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., give us a call today so you can enjoy the vacation home of your dreams this summer.