Now that you have installed your black fiberglass replacement windows in Orange, CA., how do you keep them looking like new? This is a very common question from homeowners as new fiberglass windows are a big investment and you want to keep them looking good.

Luckily, if you chose Milgard’s Ultra Series black fiberglass windows for your home, you will find they are very durable and low maintenance so they should only require normal DIY cleaning.

Keeping your Milgard windows clean and free of dust and grime isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s healthier for your family, and actually helps extends the lifespan of the window. Dust and particles that come in from outside can scratch and ding your frame and windows appearance.

Knowing how to perform regular, lighter cleaning as well as scheduled deeper cleanings can keep them in tip top shape for years to come. Check out these tips to know what to do.

Cleaning the Glass

Do you remember when your grandma would wash windows, it would smell like vinegar? Well, that’s because that’s what they used. Vinegar has been used as a cleaner for glass for a long time. Why? It works.

You can make a vinegar cleaning solution right at home. Simply mix equal part hot water with equal part distilled (also called “white”) vinegar. Mix and pour solution into a spray bottle. Spray solution on your window and simply wipe off with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning your windows like this on a regular basis will help them from having dirt and other stains build up. This will keep them cleaner and make your job of cleaning them much easier

This solution should remove most smudges and easy stains, drips, etc. If tougher stains are present, never try to scratch them off as that can ruin your window. The best thing to do is call a professional cleaning company or the manufacturer and see what they suggest.

Cleaning the Frame

If there is a lot of dust and dirt in the corners and other tight areas of your Milgard fiberglass window frame, you can use your vacuum attachment and vacuum the dirt out before you wash the frame.

Once most of the dirt and dust is gone, you can wash the frame with the same vinegar solution you made for the glass or choose a commercial window frame cleaning product. Just make sure that whatever product you choose, it is made especially for fiberglass windows. Some cleaners can be too rough and too abrasive for fiberglass frames.


Cleaning Routine

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The key to keeping your black fiberglass windows looking great is to stay on top of their cleaning. While they don’t require much upkeep with Milgard fiberglass being so durable and low-maintenance, depending on your home environment you may have to dust and clean them more or less often than someone else.

Find a routine that works for you and your family. A few things to keep in mind are to dust and wipe down the frames pretty regularly to prevent dirt build-up. Also, of course clean the glass as needed, but on a regular basis as well. If you have a lot of windows, you could do this on a rotating schedule.

Your Milgard fiberglass replacement windows in Orange, CA. are a big investment that will pay off in so many ways. Keeping them clean and free of dust and grime will keep them stay working and looking like new for years to come.