Drive around any neighborhood, and you will most likely see all the homes adorned with white windows. While white windows can look great on most any home, it can also look a little typical and expected. If you want your new replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. to stand out, consider black windows. With these adding style and letting your home stand out from the crowd, they are a wonderful choice for any home.

With that being said, they do have a few cons that homeowners should take into consideration before deciding. Today we are going to talk about the pros and the cons of black windows so you can decide if they are right for you and your home.

Pro: Black Windows Add Flair

There is no denying that a house with black windows makes a statement. These windows stand out and get noticed. They look beautiful in the daytime or evening and they take the design of any house up a notch.

Pro: Staying on Trend

Black windows have been around since the nineteenth century where they could be found in industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses. Since then, they have remained popular year after year and this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. Therefore you know when you are choosing your black windows, your house will look great and on trend for years to come.

Pro: You Can Create a Frame for Your View

When you have a beautiful piece of art, a nice, sleek, black frame is wonderful for bringing attention to it. Rather than focusing on the frame, it allows you to focus on the art. The same concept works here. If you have a beautiful view you would like to draw attention to, black windows are the way to go. The black will frame your view making it a focal point as soon as you walk into the room.

Pro: Fiberglass Windows Come in Black

Many homeowners love the durability and low-maintenance upkeep that fiberglass windows provide for their homes. Luckily, window manufacturers, such as Milgard produce these fiberglass windows in many colors including black. Some window models, such as the Milgard Ultra Series have additional features including being energy efficient and coming with a lifetime warranty making them an ideal choice.

Con: They May Look Drab on a Dark House

While black windows can look amazing on a white house, if you have a darker colored home, they might look drab, or blend in where they are hardly even noticed. If you don’t plan on repainting your home anytime soon, you can still make the windows stand out by simply painting a light colored trim around them. This will help them pop and stand out.

replacement windows in Anaheim, CACons: They Look Better Bare

To get the full, dramatic effect that black windows can provide, they truly look better bare. The black frame in contrast with the interior walls creates such a wonderful contrast and design element, it’s difficult to cover that up. However, if you want more privacy, you will need to consider installing curtains, blinds or perhaps a roller shade. And even with window coverings, your black windows are still going to look amazing.

You can see there are several more pros to black windows than cons, making them a strong contender when choosing your replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. By adding black windows you are giving your home an elegant look that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.