When it’s time to install replacement windows in Orange County, CA, you’ll have plenty of window companies to choose from. From large national companies to small companies that are just getting their businesses off the ground, there will be no shortage of options. It can make it tough to find the right company to handle your new window installation. 

You should strongly consider trusting a family owned and operated company like Pacific Shores Windows & Doors to do your window replacement for you. You’ll have a great experience when you go this route for a number of different reasons. Check out 4 of the reasons you should call on a family owned company for replacement windows below. 

You’ll get a speedy response when you first show an interest in replacing your windows. 

When you call on some companies for Orange County, CA window replacement, they’ll take days and potentially even weeks to get back to you. Not a family owned window business. If they’re not available to take your call when you first touch base with them, they’ll get back to you within just hours to see how they can help. They’ll be warm and inviting and ready to assist you in any way they can. 

You’ll receive direct access to those who can help you make a decision on windows. 

In addition to getting back to you quickly about your window installation, a family owned window business will also make sure you talk to the people you need to talk to about replacing your windows. You won’t get the run-around from a receptionist or get sent to voicemail when you call your window company. You’ll speak to whoever it is you need to speak to in order to get answers to your pressing questions. 

You’ll never have to worry about your window company treating you like just another customer. 

Family owned and operated window companies appreciate you bringing your business to them. They’ll never treat you like just another customer. Instead, they’ll treat you like a member of their own family and make sure you feel comfortable while shopping around for new windows. They’ll show you how much they care about you during each and every conversation. 

You’ll get a follow-up at the end of your window installation to make sure everything went smoothly. 

At the end of the day, a family owned window company will want to know that you were 100 percent satisfied with your window installation. So they’ll usually follow-up with you once your windows have gone in to see if there were any hiccups when your windows were put into place. They’ll also send a crew out to your home immediately if there are any issues that you’re experiencing with your new windows. 

Do you want to see the difference it can make when you work with a family owned Orange County, CA window company? Let Pacific Shores Windows & Doors install your new windows for you. Reach out to us at (714) 841-2228 today or stop by 10573 Ellis Ave., Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to set up a free in-home window consultation with us.