New Windows and Doors for Your Huntington Beach, CA Home

New Windows and Doors for Your Huntington Beach, CA Home

Huntington Beach, CA replacement windowsWe’ve been providing and installing windows and doors for over 25 years and are family owned and operated. We have relationships with all of the major window manufacturers. We’ll help you select the product that’s right for your home or project. Contact Pacific Shores Window and Doors right now (714) 841-2228 and you could be enjoying brand new windows and doors in as little as two weeks!

Living in Huntington Beach, you understand what it must be like to bask in paradise. So what happens when you are looking for new windows or doors for your home? You can’t just head to the beach and hope that they’ll be brand new when you get home. No, you have to spend some time, effort, and money to choose the right windows and doors so that you fully enjoy living in this part of the country.

Out of all of the basic home improvement projects that most homeowners undertake at one time during their life, windows and doors are not given the attention that they deserve. Replacing your windows or finding a new entry door, installing a brand new, efficient patio door, or any type of new interior door is simply considered to be an expense.

This home improvement project is certainly not an expense … it’s an investment.

Why think about new windows and door installation as an investment?

It may seem to be a subtle distinction, but it’s an important one. First, an ‘expense’ is something that you make in order to get something that you might need. Windows and doors installation are considered a necessity, but little more than that.

It’s how you think about and view this part of your home that is driving the notion that they are an expense, rather than an investment. An investment is something that you buy into with the goal of getting a return on it at some point in the future. When you invest in something, you’re expecting to get something back. When you pay an expense, you consider it a loss, at least financially, but it gives you something in return.

Did you know that a home with brand new windows and doors can increase in value? There are plenty of reasons for this. One of them is simply the aesthetic beauty and nature of the new windows and doors in that home.

Imagine that you were planning on selling your house within the next year. You look around and notice that the carpeting is old, stained, and in disrepair. The blinds, drapes, and other window coverings are rarely ever opened because you can’t stand the look at the scratches, grime, caked on paint from too many years being painted over in an effort to make them look newer. The doors are old and just don’t appeal to you.

Now, imagine that you were a potential homebuyer and you saw that? What would you think? You might like the house and want to make an offer on it, but would you offer them asking price? No, you would offer a lot less money because one of the first things you’d want to do when you move in would be to replace the windows and doors (and that carpeting, but we’re not into carpeting).

So if you spend money on replacing those items, you’re investing in your home. You’re increasing its appeal, comfort, and inherent value. That’s why it’s a subtle but important difference.

People spend tens of thousands of dollars to renovate their kitchens, bathrooms, and even their patios and outdoor living spaces, but they tend to groan and grumble when they decide that it’s time to replace the windows or doors in their home.

Get into the right mindset and view this as an investment in your Huntington Beach home.

What’s the next step?

Okay, now that you’ve made the right decision to think about replacing the windows and doors in your home as an investment, what should you do next? You may know exactly what type of windows that you want. Maybe you’re not sure, but you’re thinking that something similar to what you have now would be a good idea. That’s fine, but remember that there are so many great options to choose from today that you could spend hours upon hours just looking through the vast selection online.

You could also spend some time actually seeing one of the largest selections of windows and doors in one place by visiting Pacific Shores Windows and Doors in nearby Fountain Valley. You can actually work these windows and doors and determine if they operate the way you need them to, if they offer the right benefits for your home, and whether they will look right in your Huntington Beach home.

Why did we mention paradise before? Because in this part of the country, the weather is extraordinary. You simply won’t find much better weather anywhere else in the world and that means you should have windows and doors in your home that allow you to take advantage of those glorious ocean afternoon breezes, the fragrant air, and also help you keep cool when the Santa Ana winds begin to blow, or it just gets too hot in the summer.

Having the right entry door to your home is also important. Security, efficiency, and comfort are all important features to consider. The same holds true when you’re talking about patio doors.

Are you considering doing something different to help open up your home? Maybe you have a living room and dining area that are connected by a solid interior door but you wish you could do something different. Why not think about a French door?

You could also use a French door to connect to your patio and outdoor living space. The larger the selection that you have, the more options become available to you. That’s one of the reasons why we at Pacific Shores Windows and Doors built this incredible and unbeatable selection through the years.

We’ve been doing this since 1985, we’re family owned and operated, and have a ton of experience that can help you choose the ideal windows and doors for your Huntington Beach home.

When you’re ready to make the right investment in your home, give Pacific Shores Windows and Doors a call, email us, or stop by our easy to reach Fountain Valley showroom. You simply won’t find a better window and door company anywhere else in the region. Contact us today.

Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

How to Choose the Right Vinyl Windows for Your Home? 

  • Look into the Characteristics of the Windows
  • Always Check the Label!
  • Consider the Design of the Window
  • Learn more.

Questions to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Windows 

  • What did I dislike about my original windows?
  • What are my goals for my new windows?
  • What am I willing to invest in my replacement windows?
  • Learn more.

When Is the Best Time to Install Replacement Windows? 

The most obvious reason is that if you install windows when it’s chilly out, you will let a lot of cold air into your home and force your HVAC system to work hard to try and keep it warm. This could put a serious strain on your system and cause your energy bill to skyrocket. You can also let a lot of dirt, debris, and contaminants into your home when you are replacing windows. Learn more about the best time to install replacement windows here.


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