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It’s another beautiful day in Mission Viejo and you’re walking through your home noticing the condition of your windows and doors. Well, it’s not as though you don’t pay attention to them any other time, but most of the time, homeowners are simply too busy to stop and take notice of the condition of the windows and doors in their home. Either that or they don’t think that they can afford to do anything about it at this time.

The truth is that most homes that have windows that are more than 15 years old, or doors that are constantly being used will tend to have poor conditions with these items. It’s like having a kitchen that dates back twenty or thirty years. Sure, everything might still work, but you may find it difficult to get the right storage, or have trouble being inspired to even want to cook. On top of that, even when you clean it thoroughly, it still has the appearance of being old, dingy, and dirty.

That isn’t conducive to a nice, comfortable life within your home.

The same effect can occur with your windows and doors. Maybe you spend quite a bit of time caring for them throughout the year. You clean them inside and out on a regular basis, but there’s pitting and rusting going on that you simply can’t clean away. So maybe you paint the window frames again, and again, and again in an effort to make them look like new.

No matter what you do, though, you simply can’t get them to that point where they actually look nice any more.

That’s when you start keeping the blinds drawn, the curtains pulled across them, and you simply hide them from the rest of your home. This cuts out the natural sunlight and makes your entire home more drab and depressing.

Stop! You live in Mission Viejo. You live in one of the most sought after places in the entire country to live. Why? Mostly because of the year round weather than attracts tourists and vacationers from all over the world. But it’s also because the people here are great. Yet when you close up your windows, when you do anything and everything to keep from looking at your entry door, patio door, or any interior doors, then you’re missing out on some of the best things that this region has to offer.

Your home and your family (and you) deserve to have a nice, open feel for your home and that begins with the windows and doors.

It’s a good idea to think about the windows and doors in your home as though they are a part of your home’s spirit. This is where we connect to the outside world, whether you’re just opening the windows to let some nice, fresh air in, whether you throw open the curtains in the morning to bask in that sunrise, or you keep your door open when you’re working in the yard, so that your home gets to experience the same freshness that you feel in that moment.

Did you realize that when it comes to home improvement projects, next to a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or an addition, new windows and doors (the right windows and doors) can actually increase the value of your home?

That’s right. When you purchase new windows and doors for your Mission Viejo home, you’re actually making an important home improvement investment. The assessed value of your home could very well increase and if you were thinking about selling your home within the next couple of years, you could actually find that it’s worth more as a result.

As long as you choose the right windows and doors.

How can I afford new windows and doors right now?

If you’ve ever looked into new windows and doors, you already know that they can be quite costly. You could spend several hundred dollars to thousands for new windows and doors. The average cost of a home in Mission Viejo for new windows is about $5,000.

That’s a significant investment, but like any investment, you either want to do it or you don’t. Don’t get us wrong: if you can’t afford it and the investment would put you in a dangerous position with your mortgage repayment or any other bills, then it’s something that you should certainly avoid.

However, if you’re serious about getting new windows and doors for your home, then you can look into any number of financing options. You could contact your mortgage lender and talk to them about home improvement financing, home equity loans, or even a personal line of credit. It will all depend on your credit history as well as your repayment history.

You could also find a window and door company that can help you finance this investment.

Pacific Shores Window and Doors is that type of company. We’re located in Fountain Valley, just a short drive away from Mission Viejo and we have helped many of your neighbors in Mission Viejo.

The benefits of new windows and doors.

The most significant benefit to getting new windows or doors for your Mission Viejo home is that you will immediately notice that you’re enjoying living at home more than you had in the past.

Another benefit is, as mentioned, you could increase the value of your home.

A third benefit is that you can save money on energy bills, especially cooling your home in the heat of summer. Yes, it can get hot and you could be spending hundreds of dollars more per year to cool your home than you need to. New windows can potentially save you that money, and more.

If you want to take a look and just see what’s available, the Pacific Shores Window and Doors showroom has the largest selection that you’ll find anywhere from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Call us today to learn about what you will find in our showroom, to ask any questions you have about windows and doors, and to take that all important first step toward investing in new windows and doors for your Mission Viejo home.


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