Although being around since the nineteenth century, black windows are one of the most underused design elements in a home. While these windows can be seen every year in more and more homes, they are still outnumbered by their white and neutral counterparts. If you are considering new replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., do yourself a favor and consider black windows. If you are not sure if they would look good on your home, we’ll walk you through a few specific questions to think about to help you decide.

Do You Want a Home That Stands Out?

While white windows are nice and they can certainly compliment certain styles of houses, they are pretty common and expected. They may look pretty, but there is nothing extraordinary about them.

Black windows, on the other hand, stand out and make a statement. They do so in a quiet, elegant, sleek way though. They don’t scream the statement, rather they simply get noticed. When you add black windows to your home, your house instantly looks different than the rest of your neighbors and stands out in a really good way.

Do You Want to Add Drama?

Having black windows instantly adds drama to the interior space of your home. The contrast of a black window frame against a white or light colored wall looks dramatic, modern, and classic. If you would like a softer dramatic feel, add a warmer paint tone on the wall so that it reduces the contrast. No matter what colors you choose, black windows will add extra style to any design atheistic.

Do You Have an Amazing View?

If you are lucky enough to overlook a gorgeous mountain, beach, or other lovely view, you need black windows. Having black windows on the interior will frame you view just as a black picture frame does with a painting. Having a beautiful view framed by gorgeous black windows will make an impactful statement that guests will notice as soon as the enter the room.

Do You Want to Compliment Your Landscaping?

When your home looks elegant and tidy with the clean lines the black windows provide, everything else will look better as well, this includes the landscaping. Whether you have more of a natural feel to your landscaping or like a manicured and trimmed space, your yard and plants will all look amazing with the black windows as a backdrop.

Do You Want Quality and Choice?

While not all window manufactures have lines with black available, Milgard does. Two of these lines are the vinyl Tin sic Series and the fiberglass Ultra Series. Both lines carry options for black exterior and interior and come with Milgard’s limited lifetime warranty.

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In Conclusion

If you are thinking about new replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., consider choosing black. They are really the perfect combination of being trendy enough to know they will stick around, but not so trendy, it’s over done. When you have black windows on your home, your house will stand out and have a style and design that few others on the block can match.