If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., you may have a few questions. One of these questions maybe if you need to replace all your windows at the same time or if you can schedule them out at different times. While it can be a larger upfront investment, there are several reasons to consider replacing the windows all at once.

Some of the benefits include saving money, dealing with less stress, and having your home be the most energy-efficient possible. Keep reading as we dive deeper into these reasons and provide tips if you need to install your windows in smaller projects.

Save Money

It is true that when you replace all your windows at once, you will be paying a larger up-front cost. However, having one large project, rather than several smaller ones, can save you money overall.

Many times the labor cost for professionals to come out and install one window can be the same if the company is installing five. That is because many companies offer lower labor costs when the team will be employed with a full-day installation.

Installing the windows in multiple, smaller projects means more visits and that adds up to much more money out of your pocket over time.

Less Headache

Being able to replace all your windows at once means less paperwork and less stress. Deciding on which windows to choose, scheduling your installation time, and preparing for the new windows to be installed takes time and energy. When you replace your windows in one project, you can have them all installed in a couple of days rather than multiple visits over time.

Better Energy Efficiently

Replacement windows are effective at keeping hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter. This is great news if you are wanting to lower your electric bill. Replacing all your windows at once ensures you are taking full advantage of this benefit. Keeping old windows may be allowing the outside air to seep in, making it harder for your thermostat to hold the set temperature.

What If I Can’t Replace Them All at Once?replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

While it can be beneficial to replace all your home windows at once, we understand that is not an option for everyone. If you find yourself wanting new windows but needing to install only a couple at a time, we have some tips.

First, if you have a multi-level home, consider replacing all the windows on just one level at a time. Then, when you are ready, move on to the next level.

Second, if you have a single-level home, you could consider replacing all the windows on one side of the home. If one side faces the afternoon sun or the cold northern wind, you could replace those to help with your energy bill. Perhaps you want to improve your curb appeal in which case you could replace the windows along the front of your house.

Whenever you are ready for replacement windows in Anaheim, CA., remember that while it is better overall to replace them all at once, you certainly do not have to. Talk to the professionals at Pacific Shores Windows & Doors and let them answer all your questions and discuss the best options for your project.