When you welcome window installers into your home to install replacement windows in Orange, CA, you need them to worry about more than just your window installation. You also need them to take the proper precautions to keep your home safe while they’re in the process of putting your windows into place. Good installers will go above and beyond to make sure that this gets done. Here are 4 steps that these installers will take to protect your home during your new window installation.

Put down drop cloths to protect carpeting and flooring

Your Orange, CA window installers are going to be walking around both the inside and outside of your home. When they’re inside, you don’t want them tracking dirt and mud throughout your home and making a big mess. They’ll prevent this from happening by putting down drop cloths to protect your home’s carpeting and other flooring. You won’t have to worry about your floors getting all dirty or scuffed up during your window installation.

Move furniture away from the inside of windows

Do you have furniture located next to some of the windows in your home? It’ll need to be removed from the area—and your window installers will be up for the challenge. They’ll find a better place to put any furniture situated near windows so that it doesn’t get scratched or otherwise damaged during your installation project. They’ll also put the furniture back at the end of the job. This will help you avoid having to make repairs to or even replace furniture after your installers leave.

Take down window treatments and hang them back up later

The window treatments that hang over your windows are obviously going to be in the way when your installers are installing your new windows. They will, therefore, take them down before starting your window installation and then put them back up once they’re all finished. This will keep your window treatments clean and prevent them from getting pulled down during your installation. It’ll also allow installers to work more efficiently without having windows treatments hanging where they need to work.

Be careful about removing old windows before putting new ones in their place

Removing old windows from a home isn’t always easy, especially if they’re not in good condition. Window installers will be careful about removing them without breaking them and creating the need for a big clean-up job. They’ll also transport them out of your home and get rid of them so that you don’t have to figure out what to do with a bunch of windows you don’t want anymore.

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, our window installers will do everything in their power to protect your home while your Orange, CA window installation is taking place. They’ll do everything we just mentioned—and more—when you rely on us for our services. Contact us at (714) 841-2228 today to arrange to have a window consultation or stop by 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to sit down with one of our representatives.