When you install replacement windows in Anaheim, CA, they should last you for a long time. It’s not uncommon at all for people to get 30 years or more out of vinyl and aluminum windows. There are, however, some things that can reduce the lifespan of your home’s new windows. For instance, if you have pets, they could potentially put your windows at risk by jumping all over them. Today, we’re going to share some tips on how to prevent your pets from doing this. Take a look at some of these tips below.

Train your pets not to go near your windows from the beginning.

If you’re going to make it your mission to keep your pets away from your new Anaheim, CA windows, you should start training them to do it right away. It’s important for you to be prepared to train them not to go near your windows at any point. Whether you have dogs, cats, or some other kinds of pets, you should stay on them about not climbing on or near your windows. It’ll help to set the right tone from the start.

Move pieces of furniture that pets can jump on away from your windows.

If you have furniture that your pets can jump on near any of your home’s windows, you should think about relocating it to a different place. This would include things like couches and tables that are relatively low to the ground. If you don’t move these pieces of furniture, you’re basically going to be inviting pets to jump up on them and get near your windows. And this is obviously going to be the last thing that you’ll want when you’re making an effort to stop your pets from coming into contact with your windows.

Place larger pieces of furniture in front of your windows.

If you want to make sure that your pets aren’t going to be able to climb up near your windows, there might be some pieces of furniture that you can move in front of them to limit their access to the windows. This would include any furniture that a dog or cat wouldn’t be able to jump on. Keep in mind that this could limit your own access to your windows. But it might be a good way of training your pets to stay away from the windows for the time being.

Give pets access to one of your windows to keep them happy.replacement windows in Anaheim, CA

If your pets have gotten used to being able to look outside through one of your windows, you might want to continue to give them access to it. This could be an effective method for keeping them away from all of the other new windows in your home. It’ll keep your pets happy without compromising the rest of your replacement windows in any way. Just be sure that they know that it’s the only window they’re allowed to go near. Otherwise, they might think that they can jump up and look outside of all the windows in your home.

At Pacific Shores Windows & Doors, we can’t help you to keep your pets away from new windows in your home. But we can help you with the entire Anaheim, CA window replacement process. We’ll put new windows into place properly for you so that they’re able to stand strong just in case your pets ever do come near them. Reach out to us for all your replacement window needs.