Installing wood replacement windows in Orange, CA is such a good idea. Wood windows add a classic look and a warmth to just about any home. They also last for a really long time, provided you care for your wood windows properly.

If you just had wood windows installed in your home or if you’re thinking about having them installed soon, you should learn how to maintain them over time. It’ll allow you to keep your wood windows looking newer for longer and prevent them from wearing out on you sooner than they should. Here are a few helpful tips for those looking to take good care of their wood windows.

Use a dry cloth or duster to wipe dust away from wood windows.

One of the things you’re going to notice when you welcome wood Orange, CA windows into your home is that dust will often gather on them just like it does on wood furniture. It’s important for you to prevent dust from building up on your wood windows by wiping them down from time to time. You can do this by using something as simple as a damp cloth or a duster. Wipe your wood windows down about once every week to stop dust from dragging down the appeal of your windows.

Wash the wood frames on your windows with a damp cloth.

As long as you stay on top of wiping dust off your wood windows, they should look great almost all the time. But in the event that dirt builds up on your windows, you have the option of washing them. You can do it with with a damp cloth and some water. There are also quite a few wood window cleaners out there that can really make your windows shine. Consider trying one of these cleaners if your wood windows lack the wow factor right now.

Prevent moisture from building up on your wood windows.

While you can wash wood window frames with a damp cloth to get them clean, you should not allow moisture to sit on the surface of your windows for any longer than it has to. Even just a tiny bit of moisture can stain your wooden window frames if you’re not careful. Shut your windows when it rains to stop water from building up on your wood window frames and wipe your windows dry if you ever see water on them. It’ll help you avoid serious damage to your window frames.

Vacuum the tracks for your wood windows every so often.

When caring for your new wood windows, you should be concerned about more than just your window frames. You should also pay close attention to the tracks inside your windows since they’ll be responsible for helping your windows move up and down without a problem. It’s not uncommon for dust, dirt, and other debris to get inside the tracks in a window, especially if the window is left open a lot. Get into the habit of vacuuming the tracks of a window to keep debris from working its way deep inside the tracks. This will make it easy to open and close your windows for years to come.

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