Would you like to install replacement windows in Orange, CA in your home ASAP? Then you might be wondering what the lead time is like when it comes to window installation. You’ll be happy to know that the typical lead time for the majority of vinyl window installations is only about two weeks. But your exact lead time could change based on any number of key factors. Discover more about some of the factors that could change your lead time below so that you can plan for window replacement accordingly.

What kind of replacement windows do you want?

As we just mentioned a moment ago, the lead time for the Orange, CA window replacement process is only about two weeks for those installing vinyl windows in their homes. But the time could be a little bit longer than that if you choose to go with windows made out of a different kind of material. You might also be looking at a longer lead time if you need different types of windows put into your home (sliding windows, casement windows, bay windows, etc.). And if you need any custom windows created for your home, they could have an impact on your lead time as well.

How many replacement windows do you need?

Are you interested in replacing a dozen windows in your home, or do you have dozens and dozens of windows in your home that need to be replaced? This is another thing that could affect the lead time for window replacement. The more windows that you need to replace in your house, the longer your lead time is usually going to be. It really all depends on the total number of replacement windows that you’re preparing to buy for your house.

What will you need to do to prepare your home for window replacement?

Prior to having new windows installed in your home, you’ll need to prepare your house for the window replacement process. This will involve moving furniture away from your windows and putting down drop cloths throughout your home. Your window replacement company should be ready to assist you with the prep process. But you might also need to tackle some things on your own, and they could add a few days to your lead time in some cases.

Which company are you going to hire to replace your home’s windows?replacement windows in Orange, CA

If you call on a window replacement company that doesn’t really know what they’re doing to help you put new windows into place in your home, you’re almost always going to be looking at a long lead time. It’s why you should work exclusively with experienced window replacement companies whenever you need to have new windows installed in your home. A company like this is going to know how to order windows for you and get them for you fast so that they can be installed right away. It’ll result in a lot less waiting around for windows on your part.

If you want to keep your lead time to a minimum when installing new Orange, CA windows in your home, Pacific Shores Windows & Doors is the window replacement company for you. Let us show you how quickly that we can replace the windows in your home when you trust us to do it. Give us a call today to get things started.