When you have replacement windows in Anaheim, CA installed in your home, they’ll usually either slide up and down when you open and close them or slide left to right when you open and close them. But there are some windows that can be operated in a slightly different way if you would like. Casement windows are a great example of this. They have hinges on one side of them and open and close almost like a door would through the use of a crank. And they provide homeowners with many benefits when they invest in them. Here are some of the things that you’ll love about casement replacement windows.

They help bring more of a breeze in when they’re open.

Because of the way that Anaheim, CA casement windows are designed, they’ll bring plenty of fresh air into your home once they’re installed. They’ll catch any wind that exists outside and push it into the interior of your home to improve circulation. You’ll be surprised by just how much fresh air finds its way into your home as soon as you have casement windows installed.

They form a very tight seal when they’re closed.

Casement windows are known to give the energy efficiency of a home a big boost. They do it forming a really tight seal when they’re closed and locked. Most casement windows have at least two locks on them, and they allow for people to keep them closed tightly whenever they want. You’ll just need to make sure that you use the locks on them to keep them sealed shut.

They provide excellent views at all times.

If you install single-hung or double-hung windows in your home, they’re going to cut down on your views because of the sashes that are in the middle of them. The same can be said for sliding windows that will also have sashes in the middle. You aren’t going to need to worry about dealing with this problem when you have casement windows. They’ll give you the best views possible since they don’t have any sashes running across the middle of them.

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They keep a home safe and secure.

Most modern-day replacement windows are going to make your home more secure than it was before when you have them installed. They often have heavy-duty locks on them that’ll keep would-be burglars out. But it’s casement windows, in particular, that will do a stellar job with regards to keeping your home safe. Since they form such a tight seal when they’re locked up, it’ll be almost impossible for someone to break into them from the outside. They’ll automatically provide you with extra peace of mind because of this.

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