Do you cringe every time it starts raining because you know your windows are going to leak and allow that water in? Leaky windows can be caused by a myriad of reasons. The good news is that you might be able to fix some of these leaks yourself. Keep reading to learn what causes a leaky window and when you might need to consider installing new replacement windows in Anaheim, CA.

Why Do Windows Leak?

Most of the causes behind a leak either come from maintenance, building, or installation issues. For example, some maintenance issues that can cause leaks are from caulk being broken or damaged around the frames, no paint seal on the window molding, or cracked glazing putty. If the window wasn’t properly installed and there was improper use of window flashing or subpar material used instead of window flashing, leaks might occur.

Where is the Leak Coming From?

Determining where the leak is coming from can give you a good indication of what is causing it. If the leak is being seen near the window jamb or the window frame, the leak is most likely coming from the window itself. You may notice this in older windows since it can be a result of wear and tear from operating the window over the years.

In contrast, if you see water on the wall around, above, or below the window, this normally means the leak is somewhere in the wall and the water is running down the studs to the window. This leak could be near or further away from the location of the window.

How to Fix a Leaky Window

There are a few things you can try yourself to fix a leaky window. Some of these things include resealing and recaulking areas. For example, you could recaulk the window frame, or re-seal the glass to the gasket between the window frame and the glass.

Another thing you can try is to make sure the bottom windowsill of the frame is pitched downward to help drain the water out toward the exterior.

Finally, always make sure the windows are clean and free of insects, dirt, and debris. Check your windows and frames regularly and perform any needed maintenance.replacement windows in Orange, CA

If you have any leaks that you cannot tell where they are coming from or you are unable to fix yourself, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals and have new windows installed. Although it will be an upfront cost you may not be expecting, it will save you money in the long run from further damage the leaks may cause if they are left unattended.

Final Thoughts

Your home needs regular maintenance and service and your windows are no different. To keep your windows lasting for years to come and functioning properly, make sure to check them regularly and fix any cracks and leaks that you can, you may also consider black windows. When you notice bigger leaks, don’t wait to call in professionals to help assess the situation.

If you are getting new windows in Anaheim, CA. make sure to call Pacific Shores Windows & Doors. Their friendly staff is always happy to help answer any questions you may have and help you in any way they can.