You’ve seen the commercials and heard the radio ads. They promise you’ll save thousands of dollars on your energy bill if you replace your Anaheim, CA windows. But how do you know who to trust? It’s hard to be sure if their claims are valid. That’s why we created this guide for new homeowners needing a reliable contractor who won’t rip them off or leave them with subpar products.

Are they insured?

You should ask your window contractor if they have insurance. Insurance protects against liability, property damage, and injury to others. If you’re hiring a subcontractor, they should also be insured. Your homeowner’s policy will not cover any of the work done by the contractor, so you must get a guarantee from them that their company is covered by liability insurance in case someone gets injured on-site or damage is caused to your home or business.

If you want to ensure that your windows are correctly installed with no mistakes being made along the way, find out how much experience each contractor has had doing window installations before giving them access to your home.

What type of warranty do they offer?

Next, you should look for a warranty that covers all parts and labor. A good warranty will last at least ten years and cover all materials used in the installation process.

This is important because it means that if your window fails in any way, the company will come out to repair it without charging you extra money (or without making you pay any deductible). This can be the difference between having functioning windows or not having functioning windows.

Are they certified by a reputable window manufacturer?

The next thing to look for in a window contractor is if they are certified by a reputable window manufacturer. Certification is an important factor to consider when hiring a window contractor because it shows that the company is knowledgeable about its products, has passed inspections and testing, and can be trusted to do the job right.

Also, certification doesn’t guarantee that your windows will last forever or even provide any warranty on them whatsoever. However, it does mean that the installer has been trained and knows how to correctly install your brand of choice so you get the best performance out of your new windows.

Do they offer free in-home consultations?

No matter how much you research window contractors, there will always be questions that are difficult to answer without seeing the product in your home. When you meet with a contractor, ask if they offer free in-home consultations. This is a good way to get an idea of the quality of their products and whether they could work well in your space. You can also ask any other questions that arise while looking at their samples or brochures—they should be willing to answer them all!

How accommodating are they with your budget?

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There are many things to consider when looking for a window contractor, and one of the most important is how willing they are to work with your budget.

How much do they charge, and what are the payment options? If you have a budget you can’t exceed, be sure to let your contractor know immediately. They’ll probably be able to make some concessions on cost.

For example, if replacing all of your Anaheim, CA windows would exceed the budgeted amount by $100 each, they may be able to use less expensive materials or recommend an alternate style for some of them. This can help keep costs down without sacrificing quality or style.