3 Reasons to Replace Windows Rather Than Repairing Them

If some of the windows in your home aren’t working as well as they used to, you might be thinking about getting them repaired. A repairman can usually come in and get your windows working the way they should within a couple of hours. It can be beneficial to those who have windows in a historic home that fit the specific house style.

However, repairing your windows might not be the best option for everyone. While most windows can be fixed, it can be a better idea to replace them with replacement windows in Anaheim, CA. It will obviously be slightly more expensive to go this route, but it will be well worth it in the end in many cases. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider replacing windows rather than repairing them.

New windows will provide you with better energy efficiency.

There are some homeowners who automatically try to repair windows rather than replacing them due to the costs associated with each option. But consider this: If you repair old windows, it won’t make them any more energy efficient. If they are more than 10 or 15 years old, there’s a good chance they are forcing your home’s heating and cooling systems to work harder than they have to. By installing replacement windows, you will make your home more energy efficient, which will eventually save you a lot of money. Over time, your replacement windows will essentially pay for themselves.

New windows won’t need to be maintained as often as old windows.

Older windows in homes usually require a lot of maintenance, regardless of what kind of windows they are. Older wood windows, in particular, can zap a lot of your time and energy. They often need to be painted and then repainted every few years. Moisture can also cause issues with wood windows. Additionally, there are so many parts in older windows that are susceptible to breaking. You might end up having to repair older windows several times to get them right. Why not skip that and enjoy maintenance-free replacement windows instead?

New windows will last you a long time without needing to be replaced again.

The great thing about installing replacement windows in Anaheim, CA in 2018 is that once you put them in, you won’t have to worry about installing another new set of windows for many years. Today’s windows are usually designed to last for 20 years or more and if you take the time to care for them properly, they could last you even longer than that. Your old windows, meanwhile, aren’t going to get any younger. You may be able to repair them once or twice and continue using them. But eventually, they will need to be replaced and all of your repair costs will feel like a waste.

If you have decided that replacing your windows is a better idea than repairing them, Pacific Shore Windows can provide you with replacement windows in Anaheim, CA and install them for you as well. We offer a wide selection of window options and welcome you to stop by 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to see what we have in stock. You can also contact us at 714-841-2228 to ask any questions you might have about replacing old windows.

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Why Vinyl Windows Are the Best Option for Your Home

Are you in the process of trying to pick out new windows for your home? If so, you might be overwhelmed by all the options available to you. As recently as just a few decades ago, there weren’t many choices for homeowners to make when it came to installing new windows. But today, there are dozens and dozens of windows that would look great in your home and it’s important to pick the best one for your specific situation.

When trying to decide which windows to install, you should consider getting vinyl windows in Anaheim, CA. There are many benefits that come along with installing them in your home and you will quickly see why so many homeowners choose them once you install them into your home as well. Check out why you should think about obtaining vinyl windows below.

They will bring down your energy bills.

When you install Anaheim, CA vinyl windows, you will see an immediate difference in your energy costs. Vinyl windows do an excellent job keeping warm air in during the winter and out once the summer comes around. This will put less strain on your HVAC system and reduce the amount of money you spend on energy bills.

They will require almost no maintenance.

Other window types will need to be painted, stained, and maintained over the course of their life. That isn’t the case with Anaheim, CA vinyl windows. Once you have vinyl windows installed, they require almost no maintenance and won’t show signs of wear and tear. Simply wash your glass every month or so and wipe down the vinyl frames on your windows occasionally. That’s all you need to do.

They will not cost you as much as other window types.

Of all the different types of windows on the market today, vinyl is typically the most inexpensive. But make no mistake about it: That does not mean they are “cheap” by any means. They won’t rust or show signs of corrosion and they will often last for many years before needing to be replaced.

They will be available in many different colors, sizes, and styles.

When you settle on vinyl windows for your home in Anaheim, CA, you can obtain them in so many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The possibilities are virtually endless. You can even have vinyl windows custom made to fit any space in your home. It’s amazing to see how many options you have with vinyl windows over other window types and you won’t have any trouble finding the right windows for the design of your home.

Are you now convinced that vinyl windows are the best option for your Anaheim, CA home? Pacific Shore Windows can show you vinyl window options when you stop by 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708. We can also answer any questions you might have about vinyl windows when you call us at 714-841-2228 today. Let us handle all of your vinyl window needs and assist you with a quality installation.

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Will Replacing the Windows in My Home Improve the Value of It?

Whether you are interested in trying to increase the value of your home so that you can sell or you are looking to do home improvements that will benefit you in the long run, replacing your Anaheim, CA windows will help tremendously. In fact, replacing your windows is one of the simplest ways to make your home more valuable in a short amount of time.


There are many benefits you will enjoy when you replace your Anaheim, CA windows and they will all play a part in bringing the value of your home up. Let’s take a quick look at several of the ways installing new windows will prove to be valuable to your home.


Improved curb appeal

When people pull up to your home, you don’t want your old, rickety windows to be the first thing they notice. If that’s what they see, your Anaheim, CA windows are likely bringing down the value of your home substantially. Instead, they should either notice how great your windows look or not notice your windows at all because they blend into the rest of the home’s design seamlessly. If you aren’t getting a good reaction from people when they see your windows, it’s time to replace them and bring your home’s value back up.


Better energy efficiency

Old windows can be drafty and can make it difficult for you to maintain a consistent temperature during the winter and summer months. Many older windows contain single pane glass that does very little to keep air in or out of a home. But new Anaheim, CA windows will provide you with more energy efficiency. They will make your home more valuable because your energy bills won’t be sky high anymore. They will also make your home more comfortable overall since air won’t be coming in and out through your closed windows.

Less window maintenance

When you have old windows in your home, it can be hard to keep up with the maintenance associated with them. Many old windows need to be oiled and repaired regularly, which can make them a real pain. Who wants to deal with that when you could simply install new windows that are virtually maintenance free? Regardless of whether you go with wood windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or something else, you will no longer need to spend a huge amount of time maintaining your windows.

As you can see, replacing your Anaheim, CA windows with new windows comes with many benefits. Each one will work to make your home more valuable than it was before. Your windows will be a very appealing feature if you choose to sell. New windows also last longer than ever, so even if you don’t sell for a few years, you will still have the benefit of advertising your home as having newer windows.

Pacific Shore Windows would love to help you pick out new windows for your home. Call us at 714-841-2228 today to speak with a representative about the windows we offer or visit us at 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708 to check out the windows we currently have in stock.

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How Often Should I Wash the Windows in My Home or Business?

While it can feel just about impossible to keep the windows in your home or business completely clean at all times, you should get into the habit of cleaning them on a regular basis. The more you clean your windows, the longer they will last. Clean windows will also make your home or business look better overall.

Many home and business owners are unsure of how often they should be cleaning their Orange County, CA windows. As a result, they either end up cleaning them more often than they have to or not enough. You can avoid this by educating yourself about the ideal length of time to go between window cleanings.

For those washing windows in their homes, it’s usually best to clean your Orange County, CA windows about once a week. All you need to do during this part of the process is use a cloth and some mild detergent to wipe down the window glass. It’s a good idea to do it on a cloudy day to prevent streaking and you should steer clear of using any harmful, abrasive chemicals that could damage your windows or their frames.

For those washing windows in their businesses, it’s usually best to clean your Orange County, CA windows once every day or two. You want your windows to look their best so customers aren’t scared off. Much like when you wash your windows at home, all you’ll need is a cloth and mild detergent to remove fingerprints, smudges, and more from your glass.

Deep cleaning your windows is a different story. Many people don’t do deep cleaning as often as they should. It involves cleaning the window glass as well as the various parts of the Orange County, CA windows. From the window sills to the tracks and the exterior frame of the window, deep cleaning windows is more extensive and will take up more time, but it’s a vital part of the cleaning process.

When you deep clean windows, your goal should be to clean every single accessible part of your windows. Again, you shouldn’t need to use much more than a cloth and a mild detergent, but you really want to get up into every nook and cranny. You also want to consider taking the time to maintain your windows by lubricating any moving parts.

Homeowners should try to deep clean their Orange County, CA windows about once every year or so. Business owners, however, should do it twice a year (or more) if you have particularly dirty windows. Outside of making your windows look cleaner, deep cleaning will also keep them work the way they should and last as long as possible. You will see real results when you clean and deep clean your Orange County, CA windows.

No matter how hard you clean your windows, there will come a time when you will need to replace them with new Orange County, CA windows. Pacific Shore Windows will be there to help you through it. We can show you the windows in our inventory when you visit 10573 Ellis Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708. We can also speak with you about what we have in stock when you reach out to us at 714-841-2228. You can get the cleanest windows possible by getting in touch with us today.

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